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Singulart’s Art Collectors – Céline A.

Céline Antonini

Singulart is proud to present its art collectors, who give works of art a new home – supporting artists and the art market in the process – and reinforce our mission. This edition features Céline A., who we had the pleasure to talk to about her experience with Singulart.

About Céline A.

Célina A. is a project manager specializing in health policy and lives in Lugano, Switzerland. Her first ever artwork was a wedding present from Singulart and began to form her own private collection thereafter.

Our Interview with Céline A.

Would you tell us about your very first artwork you owned?

My first ever artwork was a wedding gift. A group of my friends had this wonderful idea and I received Korrosion Blau by Olivier Weiller. It is an abstract and minimalistic work with the iron oxide giving it a unique tone that I love.

Céline Antonini's artwork Korrosion by Olivier Weiller

This work fascinated me so much that only a few months later I decided to buy Korrosion Patina Var. 2 as well – this is a sort of sister piece to my wedding present. I must admit, I am tempted to buy another work from the series Korrosion but I think I’ll have to wait a little bit longer.

What is the style of your collection and how do you display your artworks?

I am very fascinated by abstract art and sculptures. The use of materials such as iron and copper are particularly intriguing to me.

From my point of view, the less works there are in a room, the more they stand out on their own and are appreciated. I tend to prefer a rather minimalist approach, with there only being one or two artworks per room.

What makes you decide to buy a painting?

You can spend several hours looking for a work to buy, but in most cases it is an immediate crush, you feel it once you’ve found the “right” one. As a precaution, I think that one should always take a few days of reflection, showing the work to family or friends. After all, this is an important choice which should not be rushed.

Céline A.

What do you do to keep in touch with the art world?

Honestly, The Singulart newsletter. It regularly let’s me discover artworks that fit my taste. It is a great and easy way to stay up to date, get to know new artists and read about the art world.

A few short questions to get to know the taste of Céline A. a little bit better:

Favorite place for art?

I would say Berlin, although it’s hard to choose a favorite city.

When you have all the money in the world, which artist would you like to add to your collection?

Without budgetary constraints this is very difficult to choose! I would say either Kandinsky or Hopper.

Which artist have you discovered lately? 

Olivier Weiller, thanks to Singulart!

A selection of artworks chosen by Céline A.: