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How to Boost Your Presence on Singulart

In a previous article, we stressed the importance of having a digital presence as an artist in 2020 and gave 5 tips on how to create the best online portfolio. So you have made the wise decision to embrace the Internet and the even wiser decision to join the Singulart community! As you embark on your journey with our global online art gallery, this article gives you tips to boost your presence on Singulart at each stage along the way so that you can make the most of our platform!

In the Back Office:

You are excited to create a profile with Singulart after your personal Artist Liaison has sent you a link, you click on the link and find yourself welcomed to the Back Office. What next? At this stage, the Back Office is a blank canvas to be filled with whatever best represents you as an artist in order to attract prospective buyers. Using the buttons on the left hand side of the screen, you may navigate the Back Office and complete your profile in whatever order you choose. Here are our tips on boosting your presence on Singulart by customizing your profile.

Back Office

Profile pictures:

Beautiful images of the artwork you intend to sell are essential to any online portfolio. However, on Singulart we also require some great shots of the artist and/or their studio. By taking time and consideration to complete the section ‘Photos & videos of me’, you can create a stand-out professional profile. The impressive landscape image found at the top of each artist’s page is important as it acts as the introduction to your profile. Find an image you feel confidently portrays what goes on behind the scenes of your art, whether that be an image of you in your studio or something that provides you with artistic inspiration. In addition, including videos and additional pictures of your studio create further intrigue and a greater appreciation for your art. 

Penny Warden BBC
Singulart artist Penny Warden shared a video of her artworks appearing on BBC 2 on her profile as a personal touch.

Your biography:

At Singulart, our editorial team takes time to write a bespoke biography for each artist. The piece of text found at the heart of your page adds life to your art as it captures your voice and tells your unique story. We advise you to answer the questions clearly so that our editors can best represent your artistic vision. Please do not copy and paste your CV or long biographical texts so as to avoid slowing down the writing process. Also, by taking the time to sit down and craft an answer, you will also provide original and honest responses.


Once you’re live…

Congratulations! You have completed your profile in the Back Office using our inside tips and your page has been published on the Singulart website to be admired by collectors from 42 countries! Our customer service team and marketing experts do all they can to promote your art online however there are things that you can do if you would like to boost your presence on Singulart further.


Sharing your Singulart profile on your website provides exposure to the stylish page you have created. Furthermore, it enables clients from all over the world to purchase your art, with our team managing the logistics of the sale and covering all costs related to shipping. If you need help creating a link from your website to your Singulart page there are plenty of how-to videos online. Alternatively, you can contact your webmaster and, of course, do not hesitate to contact your Artist Liaison for further instructions.

Social media is an important and valuable tool to reach new audiences and promote online visibility. To secure a feature on Singulart’s Instagram page our editorial team encourages you to add a photo to your Instagram story and tag @wesingulart as we can then share your art with our 19,000 followers!

Singulart Instagram

Stay in touch!

Finally, to boost your presence on Singulart it is important to stay connected and engaged. Uploading new artwork and keeping your profile up to date promotes visibility and sales. Don’t forget to subscribe to our newsletters, follow us on Instagram, and be sure to reach out to your Artist Liaison or Sarah on the website with any questions you may have. Our mission is to empower our artists and we are always here to help!