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Singulart’s Collectors – Ralph and Marita Anstoetz

Marita und Ralph A.

Singulart is proud to present its art collectors, who give works of art a new home – supporting artists and the art market in the process – and reinforce our mission. We sat down Ralph and Marita Anstoetz to talk about their passion for collecting art.

About Ralph and Marita Anstoetz

Ralph Anstoetz, Head of Design and managing partner of the JAB ANSTOETZ Group, is an extremely creative and design-oriented person. JAB ANSTOETZ is the world’s largest textile publisher producing exclusive fabrics, carpets and upholstered furniture. Together with his wife Marita, he has also set up the Sentana Foundation to help animals in need and to provide happiness in the same manner that their animal companions have done for them.

The couple came across Singulart while browsing the internet and have already purchased 33 artworks from the site. They particularly like the artists Laura Gulshani and Emma Cowie. During their last visit to Paris, the opportunity arose to visit Singulart which the pair grabbed with both hands.

From left to right: Ralph Anstoetz, Brice Lecompte, Véra Kempf, Marita Anstoetz.

Interview with Ralph Anstoetz

Why do you collect art and what styles are you interested in?

I collect art because it brings me joy and variety; because I admire creativity and artistic ability; and because I love the interaction of form and color. For me, artworks with clear forms, motifs often pertaining to women, and striking colors catch my eye. I love Pop Art, Modern Art and Figurative Art, so if I had choose some of my favorite artists I would have to say Alex Katz, Julian Opie, Heiner Meyer, Carole Feuerman, Mel Ramos and Allen Jones.

In my profession I also work closely with designers and their designs for fabrics, wallpaper and carpets. I think that’s what drove me to become interested in collecting art as well.

alex katz
Ulla in Black Hat (20110), Alex Katz

Where and how do you exhibit your art?

I prefer an urban environment to exhibit art. Unfortunately, there is not enough room in my house to hang up all the artworks that I’ve acquired over the years, so from time to time I sell or store things.

Would you tell us about your first work of art that you acquired?

The first artwork I ever acquired was a painting by artist and friend Heiner Meyer. In the mid-90’s I took painting lessons with Heiner Meyer and it was then that I became enthused by his art. At that time, Heiner Meyer’s work mainly contained elements of ancient art and I went on to acquire his piece Kopf XI which belongs to the series Works on Antiquity. Today, Heiner Meyer is one of the most famous Pop Art artists in Germany.

Heiner Meyer
Marita and Ralph Anstoetz in the studio of Heiner Meyer

How, or rather why, do you buy an artwork? Do you have any advice for new collectors?

For me, buying art has a lot to do with intuition and spontaneity. When the stomach and the heart cry out “buy it!”, I tend to listen to them. That would be my advice.

First and foremost, only buy paintings that you love and that speak to your heart.

I also like to stay informed about the art world. For this purpose, I visit fairs or browse through online providers (such as Singulart, Artprice or Artsy) while also going to galleries and visiting studios.

If you had all the money in the world, which artists would you most like to include in your collection?

Edward Hopper or David Hockney.

Have any artists from Singulart caught your eye?

I really like the works of Laura Gulshani.

Please find enclosed a selection of artworks inspired by Marita and Ralph Anstoetz’s collection: