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Meet the Singulart Family – Mathieu Ormières

Mathieu Ormières

As an online art gallery Singulart has a strong digital presence and sometimes the human team at the heart of the company can be overshadowed. We want to shine a spotlight on the individuals that shape the company in our new series ‘Meet the Singulart Family’. As a French start-up that champions diversity among our core values we invite you to join us as we discover and share the exciting paths that have led so many different people to come together in the heart of Paris. This week, it is our pleasure to chat with Mathieu Ormières, Product Owner of Singulart.

With an impressive background in science Mathieu ultimately developed an enthusiasm for start-up projects and the role of Product Owner. Embarking on his career as a project manager financing emerging start-ups he then joined an African e-commerce start-up as Product Owner. He developed a passion for this area with a particular interest on the creation of a digital customer-orientated journey. It was with his infectious enthusiasm that he joined the Singulart team in 2019 with the challenge to provide digital solutions to artists in order to promote their global visibility.

Mathieu Ormières’s Background

Mathieu grew up in a small village in the Paris region where he began his scientific studies. He then went on to study engineering and signal processing in Grenoble. While there he completed several placements in this field, most notably at Onera where he was in charge of an algorithm for cataloguing all of the litter on Earth over a centimetre in diameter.

“I realized that I wasn’t interested in being a researcher. I was looking for more pragmatism and a concrete relationship with reality”.

Mathieu Ormières
Mathieu practicing climbing during his studies in Grenoble.

He then decided to attend business school to pursue his master’s degree, still in the field of technology and innovation. After several experiences in consulting, he discovered public funding in a technological context. Mathieu Ormières began to support start-ups while working for Le Lieu du Design and greatly enjoyed understanding the business plans of start-ups, finding each project as exciting as the last. He discovered the position of Product Owner at the age of 28 allowing him to contribute to the innovation of a new business model within the association.

“By supporting start-ups and getting a taste of their energy, I myself, wanted to get on board with an innovative project”.

Motivated by his discovery, Mathieu Ormières joined a West African e-commerce start-up selling very varied products (smartphones, food, household items) as Product Owner. He managed all of the complexities of the regional market including payment in cash on delivery and efficient shipments. As the range of products was so large he enjoyed developing helpful features such as an online chat-bot. 

Mathieu Ormières
Working as a Product Owner in Abidjan.

Mathieu Ormières Journey to Singulart

Looking for a fresh opportunity Mathieu first learned about Singulart through an agency.

Of all the projects I looked at Singulart was the one that appealed to me the most. Displaying art online so as to still convey the uniqueness of the works and to evoke emotion, then aligning the company with e-commerce standards, what an exciting challenge!

Without hesitation, Mathieu Ormières accepted the challenge. In addition to Singulart’s core mission to empower artists, he enjoys being a part of a multicultural team with a collaborative and caring spirit. Initially unfamiliar with the art world Mathieu bought his first work of art after only a few weeks at the company, experiencing for himself the addictive world of art discovery at Singulart.

By carrying out Product Owner tests, you find yourself caught up in your product! There is something very lively in the acquisition of a work of art: choosing a favorite, unpacking the work along with a message from the artist… We share a story, emotions. The goal is not necessarily to sell, but to allow people to stroll on the site and enjoy the discovery of beautiful pieces.

Ensuring operational excellence on a daily basis and going above and beyond the classic e-commerce experience is essential in order to achieve such a special connection when showcasing art.

Three questions with Mathieu Ormières

Why art?

Originally, I’m not a great art expert. But what I like about this field is the diversity and originality of the products. With each work of art we want to bring a soul and a unique customer experience.

What do you like about Singulart?

Using digital technology in a very traditional and offline sector Singulart provides a first-class service with added features. Both artists and clients are freed from certain problems, while benefiting from a very human and even family-like relationship with the team.

What future do you imagine for Singulart and its clients?

In a few years, I imagine an even more agile tech team, as well as more opportunities for digital communication between clients and artists. We will continue to create a special bond between a client and an artwork in the most personalized way possible.

Discover Mathieu Ormières’s three favourite artworks on Singulart :