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Art on Commission: Brands and Companies

Our preference in art is deeply personal as we link it to both our memories and beliefs, whether it be societal, political, or aesthetic. In order to solidify an identity, companies are increasingly resorting to acquiring artworks on commission. By initiating a collaboration with a contemporary artist, the company associates its brand with a different, often refreshing, image and ensures the desirability of a product or collection. An artwork has the ability to tell a story, spread values, and sum up one’s personality. In short, it says everything that can’t be articulated. The commission becomes symbolic as it asserts the company’s originality through its uniqueness and scarcity.

In this article, we talk about the way in which art can establish a brand image through four major industries: hospitality, luxury, fashion, and business.

1) Commissioned Art in Hospitality

Hotels are a great setting to discover art. From the exterior design to the interior decoration, the in a hotel setting art is ubiquitous.

Ania Hobson X The Zena Hotel, Washington

The Zena Hotel

Emerging artist Ania Hobson was discovered on Singulart by interior design firm Dawson & Associates. With a style that caught their eye, the firm asked Hobson to be among the female artists commissioned for the feminist portrait gallery at the new Zena Hotel. The British artist chose to depict the influential Saudi feminist activist Wajeha Al Huwaider at the International Women’s Rights Conference. With this commission, the hotel was able to immediately position itself as a high place of culture dedicated primarily to women and their events.

Wise Two X Hôtel Accord, Nairobi

Kenyan street artist Wise Two is particularly famous for his enormous frescoes, symbolizing the fusion of ancient African cultures and our contemporary society. The juxtaposition of this African street art draped across a European hotel chain makes for captivating viewing.

Wise Two’s fresco on the Ibis Hotel in Nairobi, Kenya

2) Limited Editions: From Luxury Items to Collectors Items

Luxury brands like to highlight their inimitable expertise and the rarity of their products. Commissioning an artwork creates a sense of originality for their iconic creations and is therefore a great opportunity to portray their brand in the desired light. With the use of art on commission, the brand can bring their collections to life and offer a strong artistic appeal.

Nasty X Azzaro

French artist Nasty customized 100 bottles of perfume by hand to transform them into unique creations. Hidden in their case and scattered among the classic bottles, the fragrant artworks were only revealed to their happy owners once the perfume had been purchased.

David Paul Kay X Montblanc

Self-taught New York artist David Paul Kay, known for his poignant black and white pencil frescoes, was commissioned by the German luxury pen brand Montblanc for a collaboration. The artist, much like the brand, is renowned for his precision and craftsmanship within his line art. This piece was completed without compromising the beauty and poetry of the artist’s work, nor the brand’s product.

3) Art in Fashion

Artists and designers meet, talk and inspire each other. Today, the links are even stronger and the fashion industry is blending harmoniously with the art world. Our young Canadian artist Laura Gulshani may well be spearheading this new genre!

Laura Gulshani X Escada

From runway sketches and portraits of fashion icons to illustrations of trendy new products, Laura Gulshani has made a name for herself in the fashion world. Recently, Escada called upon the artist to create the new designs for its Spring collection. An eclectic mix of creative styles resulted in a fresh and floral collection by the artist.

4) Commissions for Companies

Several large companies have taken the step of bringing artworks into their offices, with some even setting up their own foundations. Art is the purveyor of their values, but the artworks also serve to light up office spaces and positively impact the also day-to-day well-being of employees.

Marco Barberio X SEDUS

SEDUS looks to spruce up offices by color coding areas and the respective atmosphere of the space. During the Workspace exhibition in Paris, the company commissioned our Italian painter Marco Barbeiro to create a work that depicted the urban living area. The artist had to use the colors of the area: grey, orange and brown. The challenge was accepted and duly met.

Michel Mirabal X Havana Air

To conclude, let’s fly to Cuba with our revered Cuban artist Michel Mirabal. With figures such as Barack Obama and Katy Perry having Mirabal pieces as part of their respective collections, the artist is known to have succeeded in depicting the essence of the Cuban soul. The national airline Havana Air naturally called upon his talents for an extraordinary artistic partnership: transforming an airplane into a work of art!

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