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Meet the Singulart Family – Hong Nguyen

As an online art gallery, Singulart has a strong digital presence and sometimes the human team at the heart of the company can be overshadowed. We want to shine a spotlight on the individuals that shape the company in our new series ‘Meet the Singulart Family’. As a French start-up that champions diversity among our core values, we invite you to join us as we discover and share the exciting paths that have led so many different people to come together in the heart of Paris. This week, it is our pleasure to chat with Hong Nguyen, Artist Liaison at Singulart.

It is perhaps fortunate that Hong even discovered Singulart, at a time when she had recently graduated from business school and was still interested in a multitude of fields. Art was one field she had never considered working in, and yet, here she is, Artist Liaison at Singulart – selecting talented artists to share their work internationally.

About Hong Nguyen

Hong lived in Vietnam until she was 18 years old, but an insatiable thirst for travel and exploration meant time away from home was inevitable. After studying in a multicultural high school for five years, she decided to continue her studies in Paris, attracted in particular by the values of the French education system.

I have family members that work in tourism and regularly exchange with French clients. Their enthusiasm was contagious!

Hong then joined ESSEC Business School for an international program in business and administration. Having neither a literary nor scientific mind, it was the abundance of options within business studies that made it the best fit for her in order to further her career. Her nomadic instincts stuck with her as she did various international internships and exchanges, notably in Singapore and Madrid. Elsewhere, she worked as a Consultant and Sales Assistant at Galeries Lafayette.

I discovered a career as a salesman and all the challenges involved. Moreover, speaking French constantly with customers allowed me to get out of my comfort zone. It was very interesting!

Despite having experience in marketing, Hong was yet to find her vocation, keeping all doors open for future prospects. Particularly attracted by the energy and collaborative management of start-ups, she was interested in the job of Business Developer, which is essential for launching and maintaining the growth of new projects.

Her journey to Singulart

During this time of confusion, Hong came across Singulart’s announcement on Welcome to the Jungle. Initially excited by its international and innovative environment, Singulart’s steady growth compelled her to join the journey.

I wasn’t exactly an art connoisseur. I had never considered working in this field and I am as surprised as anyone that I’m enjoying it so much! It was the enthusiasm and initiative of the team that appealed to me first and foremost.

Alina et Hong à la Fundraising Party de Singulart en mars 2020

Since July 2019, Hong has been part of Singulart’s Artist Liaison team, and is in charge of exploring new sources for artist selection. She enjoys learning daily about the art market, as well as being in contact with her colleagues and the artists.

As a Business Developer, it’s great to work at Singulart because we really believe in our mission!

Three questions for Hong Nguyen

Why art?

I never expected to have a career in the art world. Now, nothing makes me happier than helping artists share their work all over the world!

What do you like about Singulart?

Without hesitation, everyone on the team! Everyone always finds time to lend a hand. For people like me coming from far away, and arriving in France basically alone, it’s great to come into such a homely environment every day.

What future do you imagine for Singulart and its clients?

In the future, I see Singulart as a reference point for all artists (not only digital), but above all, as a strong and supportive community! A lot of artists already come spontaneously, so I hope we build on that!

Discover Hong Nguyen’s three favorite artworks on Singulart: