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Meet the Singulart Family – Nolan Goodyear

As an online art gallery, Singulart has a strong digital presence and sometimes the human team at the heart of the company can be overshadowed. We want to shine a spotlight on the individuals that shape the company in our new series ‘Meet the Singulart Family’. As a French start-up that champions diversity among our core values, we invite you to join us as we discover and share the exciting paths that have led so many different people to come together in the heart of Paris. This week, Nolan Goodyear, Logistics Manager at Singulart, tells us his own.

Growing up in a family of artists, Nolan Goodyear quickly became interested in logistics, a key issue in the organization of galleries and museums. After seven years of experience in the field, he moved to Paris in search of international opportunities. He tells us about his journey to Singulart, where he is now logistics manager and manager of the team dedicated to overseas artists.

About Nolan Goodyear

Nolan Goodyear grew up in Atlanta, Georgia in a family of artists. He studied art history and was initially interested in teaching, wishing to pass on his knowledge, particularly on the curation of artists. It was ultimately his interest in museums and art management that led him to move to Los Angeles in 2009, where he stayed for seven years. Always looking to evolve, he has worked in several galleries and museums and specializes in art transportation logistics. He has particularly enjoyed improving the inventory processes and techniques of the respective galleries and museums he has worked at.

My role was to manage the administrative, logistical, and installation activities of the works of art to stimulate gallery sales. I was at the heart of their organization, it was very formative!

Nolan at the Norton Museum, California

For a year and a half, he spent much of his time on the road between Los Angeles and San Francisco, supervising more than 2,500 deliveries: packing and installation of the artwork during moves, inventory management etc. At the age of 31, Nolan left Los Angeles for Paris, wanting to move into international art logistics, particularly between the United States and Europe.

My wife’s family is French, and I dreamed of working in Europe. Both looking for new opportunities, it was the perfect timing to go to Paris!

Nolan and his wife in Paris

His Journey to Singulart

It is with this in mind that Nolan Goodyear became interested in Singulart, a company who specialize in organizing the delivery of artworks between its artists and clients in more than 75 countries.

It was something completely different from what I had been able to do in the past. I was very attracted by the proactive approach and organisational skills that all transport challenges require!

Indeed, when Nolan joined customer service team of the start up, he managed the sales and logistics processes of Singulart, which has a wide array of North American customers. Ever the pragmatist, he constantly adapts to the language and time zone of artists and clients, whether it be Ukrainian, Japanese, or French. Each new delivery is hugely satisfying for Nolan as it allows him to manage the delivery of an artwork on an international level.

A few months later, I would have the chance to manage the logistics team dedicated to non-European artists.

Three questions for Nolan Goodyear

Why art?

My parents, artists specializing in the creation of stained glass, passed on this passion for art to me at a very early age. Logistics was a way of acting at the heart of the domain, and to help artists manage the many challenges involved in this industry.

What do you like about Singulart?

Team spirit and a sense of camaraderie! When I arrived, the team was only about 20 people. A little less than a year later, it has tripled in size, while maintaining the closeness that is a quintessential component of Singulart.

What future do you imagine for Singulart and its clients?

I can imagine Singulart offices in each of our largest markets around the world: United States, Eastern Europe, Hong Kong, Taiwan. As the world’s leading online art gallery, artists looking for specialized packaging and delivery will continue to turn to us.

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