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Meet the Singulart Family – Yuko Suzuki-Flament

As an online art gallery, Singulart has a strong digital presence and sometimes the human team at the heart of the company can be overshadowed. We want to shine a spotlight on the individuals that shape the company in our new series ‘Meet the Singulart Family’. As a French start-up that champions diversity among our core values, we invite you to join us as we discover and share the exciting paths that have led so many different people to come together in the heart of Paris. This week, it is our pleasure to chat with Yuko Suzuki-Flament, Art Advisor at Singulart.

Growing up in Japan, near Tokyo, Yuko became interested in art at an early age by trying her hand at painting in a club at her high school. Very soon, she came to work in various art galleries in London and Paris with the aim of bringing Asian and Japanese art to the Old Continent. Arriving in Singulart as an Art Advisor, she is now specialized in the Japanese and Korean market, she spoke to us about her career.

About Yuko Suzuki-Flament

Yuko first studied Chinese and Japanese literature in Tokyo and then decided to go to Germany where she studied art history. She then crossed the Channel to specialize in researching the history of Asian antiquities at Christie’s in London. Continuing her London adventure she worked in a gallery of Asian antiques in London, where she was in charge of organizing exhibitions and art fairs.

A few years later, Yuko Suzuki-Flament followed her husband to Paris and found work in a gallery in the Marais specialized in contemporary Korean and Chinese artists. It was there she discovered that the contact with living artists holds an incredible richness of intercultural exchange and loved the engaging discussions she was able to have with those artists and art enthusiasts. She enjoyed this aspect so much that she was playing around with the possibility of setting up her own online gallery to promote French artists in Japan!

I really wanted to introduce Japanese artists to Europe and vice versa. I even set up an online shop of antique furniture from France to Japan!

Her journey to Singulart

The next step in the life of this young mother was her discovery of Singulart. She joined us at the end of 2019 as an Art Advisor. Back then, Singulart was only about 30 people strong, and she was taking care of sales and logistics for clients all over the world whereas now she is specialized in the Japanese and Korean markets.

For Yuko Suzuki-Flament it is a great joy to find and suggest artworks to clients, she has selected according to their preferences and taste. Listening to them and making sure they can discover the vast and worldwide selection of artists to find their perfect artwork. Especially interesting are the framing options for Yuko, since they offer an additional level of creativity and value that can positively influence an artwork when selected properly. The personal aspect and the close contact to the client while accompanying him throughout the whole process means a great deal to Yuko.

Yuko Suzuki-Flament in front of the Vallauris museum, in the south of France.

Having worked for big and traditional players in the art market, Yuko Suzuki-Flament particularly appreciates the start-up atmosphere in the Singulart-Office in Paris. She appreciates the high level of autonomy and that she is part of a team that is still building this company. Each employee plays a role in shaping the future of Singulart and we all are here to learn and grow during the process of empowering artists!

Three questions for Yuko Suzuki-Flament

Why art?

I was attracted by art above all because each work is unique, no two works are the same. Discovering the mysteries behind the work, the intention of the artist, searching for its meaning fascinates me. I have always wanted to present and promote artists to a large number of people, if possible internationally to encourage exchange.

What do you like about Singulart?

I really like the international side of Singulart, we try to empower artists – wherever they are on the globe. Also, everyone at Singulart has the same goals: Learn and improve while making the company grow!

What future do you imagine for Singulart and its clients?

As I work for our Asian market, I would love to see Singulart become a household name for art galleries in Japan. It would be a real success for me to see this market develop even more.

Discover Yuko Suzuki-Flament’s three favorite works on Singulart :