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5 Hungarian Artists to Discover

Hungarian Artist

Hungary is known for a lot of things. Their cityscapes are shaped by Roman, Greek, and Turkish architecture while the landscape typically shows plains. Next to famous composers like Franz Liszt and the invention of the Rubik’s cube, Hungary is also known to have one of the most difficult languages in the world – Jó napot kívánunk! (Good Day). Discover here contemporary Hungarian artists whose creativity will inspire.

Gyula Szabó

« My stories come from a timeless space; the characters represent the eternal questions of human psyche, and this narrative work visualizes the romanticism of our time. »

Gyula Szabó is an experienced Hungarian artist whose works have been featured in solo and group shows nationally. Inspired by the philosophy of Tizian and Delacroix, he combines elements of the renaissance with eclectic storytelling to create detailed narrative oil paintings. His work is characterized by fantastical and surrealist qualities, bringing new worlds to life on canvas.

Bea Palatinus

« I place emphasis on the verbal and non-verbal dialogue between poems and paintings. »

Bea Palatinus is a fast-emerging Hungarian artist and painter who participated in the 2018 Salon International D’Art Contemporain in Paris. Layering paint in deep browns and burnt oranges, her abstract landscapes embody stillness, communicate serenity, and stimulate the imagination.

Jonathan Ouisse

« My painting will not leave you indifferent, whether you like it or not, there is nothing trivial about it and it doesn’t just follow an artistic trend or an aesthetic trend to please. »

Jonathan Ouisse is a French artist who has exhibited his paintings in Hungary, the United Kingdom, and France. Influenced by the pictorial gestures of the Italian Renaissance and the hip hop scene in the 1990s, his pop surrealist works are often ‘grotesque’. Ouisse ridicules humanity for its vanity through symbolism inspired by politics, the media, environmental upheavals, and childhood. He creates using acrylics and spray paint on canvas or wood.

Beata Belanszky

« Starting a painting means that I never know what it will become, sometimes I don’t even know which colors I’m going to use, I just let it happen … »

Beata Belanszky, a Hungarian artist, has exhibited her works nationally, as well as in the United Kingdom, France, and the Netherlands. What drives the creation of her abstract landscapes is the feeling of inner peace and silence she finds when painting. For many years, Belanszky’s favorite medium has been oil on canvas. However, she is currently searching for new forms of expression and expanding her artistic language by taking sculpting and drawing classes.

Malya Attila

« Art is a mission, not a competition. »

Malya Attila is a young Hungarian talent who has exhibited his work nationally. He sees painting as a way to make the world a better place, as well as a sphere in which to process the daily problems of society. Seeking to develop a concrete and powerful artistic signature, Attila composes paintings marked by curious characters and unexpected color combinations.

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