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Colombian artists to watch

The only American nation named after Christopher Columbus, Colombia is mostly known for its coffee, fruits, its beautiful landscapes, and remarkably geography and society contrasts. From the high snowy peaks of the country’s interior mountain ranges that rise above the equatorial forests and savannas to the more accessible Atlantic lowlands, it is a beautiful country that gives rise to inspiration and the birth of great artists. Starting with Botero or Gabriel García Márquez and ending with the Colombian artists of Singulart that we are proud to present in this article.

Title Image:  INCERTIDUMBRE - UNCERTAINTY (2020),  Alejandro Pinzón

Sofia Baraya

Sofia Baraya is a nationally recognized Colombian artist, painter, sculptor, and drawer whose compositions delve into themes related to the reflection of the true self, hidden beauty, as well as the effect and role that decisions play in the direction of our lives. Inspired by the graphic elements of other cultures around the world, the Mexican and Arab cultures have been the most influential in Baraya’s work.

“Passionate and obsessed with art and the creative world. Every night I dream of new projects, creating them and seeing them realized is a dream come true.

Fernando Jaramillo

Fernando Jaramillo started painting at a really young age. He is a recognized Colombian painter with the heritage of Spanish painting and Pre-Columbian art. Jaramillo is a fictional painter whose work focuses on life as seen from a subatomic dimension. He explores the processes of interconnection between science and art by building micro-macro landscapes of biomorphic abstractions. The style of Fernando is unique, always looking for new insights from colors, lines, shapes, and textures. He combines the language of painting, graphic design, and the expressions of street art.

Andrés Alarcón

Andrés Alarcón is a Colombian artist whose works are recognized nationally but also in Italy and Mexico. Alarcón focuses on the human figure from a contemporary point of view. He represents his characters through realism, exploring their personal and emotional representation, and capturing the intimate spaces and vulnerability of the human condition. He works with different artistic techniques such as oils, acrylics, pastels, charcoal, watercolors, and even mixed techniques.

Liliana Mendez

The established and distinguished Colombian artist Liliana Mendez is mainly known for her sculptures in many countries as the United States, France, or Mexico. Her work in bronze broadcasts movement and elegance with themes related to the Performing Arts: dancers, tightrope walkers, and colorful circus characters among others, as we can see above with her “Velocípedo” sculpture. To create his sculptures, she draws inspiration from her own emotions, memories, and desires. Liliana Mendez tries to represent characters in a world of fantasy in which the heart and the mind are intrinsically connected.


Having exhibited globally, Viteri is an established Colombian artist. Raising with a grandfather artist, Viteri quickly developed his own artistic technique exploring themes of existentialism, Colombian society, and climate change. His unique abstract creations are done with several media, from oil and acrylic to watercolor and resin.

Alejandro Naranjo

Alejandro Naranjo felt a need to express himself through art and he is currently a multidisciplinary Colombian artist. Standing out for his expressionist style paintings, he freely shares in his works fragile and lyrical stories inspired by everyday life. Alejandro mainly uses a primary tone in his works to create a dialogue that transcends verbal. His paintings are made of paper and canvas and use different techniques such as oil and graphite.

Catalina Jaramillo

Having exhibited internationally, Catalina Jaramillo is a Colombian artist who developed a passion for art from a really young age. Through her artworks, she expresses herself and explores universal notions of transience, loss, grief, oneness, and impermanence. Using soft color palettes, her acrylic and oil paintings are inspired by impressionist influences and evoke emotions of nostalgia.

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