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5 Vietnamese Artists to Discover on Singulart

Vietnamese Artists

Discover contemporary Vietnamese artists on Singulart. We are sure, their creativity will inspire you.

Dinh Hien Nguyen

“People and moments give me endless inspiration, especially traditional Vietnamese sentiments, the loveliness of children, the beauty of rural and urban environments. And of course indispensable love.

Nguyen Dinh Hien is among the most established Vietnamese artists with international exposure. Driven by happiness and seeking to transmit it in each of his works, he composes romantic oil paintings rich in color and story. Also found in his expressions are traditional Vietnamese motifs, along with joyful sentiments such as the beauty of rural landscapes and the innocence of childhood.

Bui Trang Suby

” I want to break the boundaries of time and space to condense them into a single object, the experience of indefinite distances and periods.

Bui Trang Suby is an exciting Vietnamese painter whose works have been exhibited in Vietnam and France. Primarily utilizing acrylic and spray paints, he composes captivating, centered abstract works that stand out for their evident discipline, polish and strength.

Hai Nguyen

“Art gives the opportunity to observe something from life.”

The emerging Vietnamese artist Hai Nguyen majored in oil painting in 2006 at the Ho Chi Minh Fine Art University. Hai is drawn to the tradition of naturalistic oil painting, her still life artworks are something between classic realism and impressionism.

Quan Le

Quan Le, an established Vietnamese artist with national exposure, was born and raised in Hanoi. He loves this city with its youthful lifestyle, the prosperous transition, the beauty of architecture, transportation, culture, cuisine, colorful windows flashing in the night, and the charming street life. Quan is inspired by his home city and reflects his impression of the city in his art.

Xuan Khanh Nguyen

Vietnamese artists Nguyen Xuan Khanh

I aim for maximum expressiveness and to create new views about the realistic world.

Nguyen Xuan Khanh is an exciting Vietnamese artist whose works have featured in exhibitions, prizes and publications across Vietnam. Weaving between minimalism and impressionism with concise layouts and figures, he composes large, immersive paintings that work to preserve beauty and envelop the viewer in joyful art.

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