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5 South Korean Artists to watch

South Korean Artists

South Korea is known as a hub of innovationtechnological advancement, and is the source of a powerful pop culture that spreads to every corner of the world. It also has no shortage of talented artists who are shifting expectations of fine art and producing ever-refreshing artistic aesthetics. We would like to introduce to you 5 South Korean artists to watch on Singulart.

Seung Yoon Choi

« I always study the rule of the world. Huge space, small dust, human relations, society. »

Seung Yoon Choi is an exciting artist whose works have been widely exhibited across Korea. His abstract paintings reflect at its core the theme of paradoxes: the heart contracts and expands, light and darkness meet daily; the earth is designed on opposites. Precisely controlled lines, spaces, and distinctive blue brush strokes capture the emotion of this contradiction.

Su Hyun Kim

« Polaris always shines on its spot. So it becomes the center of faith. »

Su Hyun Kim is a South Korean painter who has exhibited nationally, as well as in China and the United States. She became an artist in order to help the world by ‘revealing mystic truths’. Kim’s paintings combine photography and illusion in unique ways, oscillating between abstraction and realism. Her compositions are witness to personal stories, portraying individuals as universal archetypes that are simultaneously simple and complex, as we all are. She creates using oils and watercolors on canvas.

Shin Hoyoon

« There is no reality in material phenomena in this world, and there is no material phenomenon because there is no reality. »

Shin Hoyoon is a prizewinning South Korean sculptor with international exposure. He creates remarkably intricate paper sculptures, an endeavor that began when he developed an interest in small and fragile materials during his studies. Representing human-like figures in various postures, Hoyoon ultimately challenges perceptions of weakness and strength, deconstructing and reassembling that which we consider familiar, expected, or standard.

Mia Kim

« I am a contemporary artist who draws figures of modern humans living in urban landscapes with plants. »

Mia Kim is an award-winning South Korean painter whose art has been featured in numerous solo and group exhibitions nationally, as well as in Japan and the United States. Her works express the daily life of contemporary man, constantly busy in a rapidly changing city. Kim’s narratives are conveyed through simple shapes, vibrant colors, and bold lines. She uses both acrylic and oil on canvas.

Seung Hwan Kim

« Ultimately, I want to be an artist who captures and portrays the beauty that exists in every moment. »

Kim Seung Hwan is an emerging painter from South Korea whose work has been featured in solo exhibitions in his home country and in art fairs. Using vivid color, texture, and light, he paints portraits of celebrities, icons, and everyday routines in the style of photorealism. Through his work, he has developed a keen sense of observation of the world around him and of himself.

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