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5 Greek Artists to look out for

Traces of a centuries-old and important history is etched in every corner of Greek land: findings from the Prehistoric and Archaic Periods, unique works from Classical, Hellenistic, Medieval and Byzantine monuments, creations from folk art cultures, traces from the passing eons of other civilizations and different religions, that coexist with current creations, constructions and modern works of art. These are just a few of the many things that make Greece’s culture unique and versatile. Meet 5 of Singulart’s Greek artists.

Antoni Dragan

« Let art awaken your emotions. »

Antoni Dragan is an emerging artist from Greece whose work has already been exhibited internationally. His compositions are pop art interpretations of what he sees, and he fills each work with vibrant colors and a mix of the recognizable with the unfamiliar. He has developed a ‘progressive multi-paint technique,’ wherein completely different paintings appear on the same surface depending on the intensity of light.

Ksenia Yarovaya

« Any of your opinions about my paintings will be a reflection of yourself! »

Ksenia Yarovaya works for the fragrance of individual freedom, the main principle of which is in the care of crowd psychology. The award-winning Greek artist believes that all paintings are ‘gratitude for what is given to us by the universe’. Yarovaya’s native country features strongly as a subject matter in her works, as well as her love of the sea. She mostly paints using oils on canvas.

Katerina Hatzi

« The painting experience, reflecting the passage from passion and emotion to meaning, is the safest path that leads to self-knowledge and redemption. »

Katerina Hatzi is a Greek painter who has extensively exhibited on a national level as well as in Italy. With a professional background in psychology and psychoanalysis, art has always been her refuge and a path towards understanding and interpreting the world around her. Hatzi creates images that convey the human experience, exploring themes relating to departure, pain, catharsis, life, death and rebirth. She favors using oil on canvas in her compositions.

Stelios Pupet

« I started as a graffiti artist but quickly evolved into studio work where I can use a variety of mediums. »

Stelios Pupet is a Greek painter whose works have been widely exhibited on a national level, as well as in France, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom. His artistic approach is through the figurative, with most of his compositions representative of women’s forms and also portray images he selects from everyday life. Pupet creates using acrylics, oils, and spray paint.

Grigoris Koukis

« My ultimate wish is to create artworks-like surreal advertisements-that can provoke people to think and react, and at the same time can operate as visual historical documents. »

Grigoris Koukis is an established Greek painter with national exposure. Magazines, newspapers, cinema and television have long been his sources of inspiration, and he describes his work as ‘Pop Nouveau.’ Blending handmade creations with digital images in order to make social commentary on his era, he achieves an aesthetic that sits somewhere between a photograph, a painting and a comic book.

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