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September Issue: New Art

Get to know the talented artists Silke Hagen, Jussi TwoSeven, Asli Akyuz, Katja Fischer and Peter Bardazzi in our very first September issue. We are pleased to present you with their three new artworks for Singulart! Discover various media such as collage or spray paint and explore nude or landscape painting. These artists engage with questions of identity, role models, physicality and sexuality as well as themes of space travel, science fiction and rockets in their art. Immerse yourself in the diversity of our international artists and follow them on Singulart to get the latest updates about their new works of art!

Silke Hagen

Meet Austrian-born Silke Hagen who lives and works in Switzerland. In her dialectical work, she circles themes of irony and intelligence. Topics such as society, religion, past and present are related to the omnipresence of femininity.  Her new works for Singulart play with female sexuality, clichés and emancipation. She combines the medium of collage with acrylic painting and presents historical images under a new guise. Follow the link to learn more about Silke Hagen’s witty works!

Jussi TwoSeven

The art of the Finn Jussi TwoSeven bears a very unique signature. His artistic style is based on graffiti art of the 1990s which he developed into his own style. He combines spray paint with realistic motifs to create an exciting contrast. In his creative work, he abides by a monochromatic palette of black and white and focuses on animals as the central motif. In his new works, he concentrates on nocturnal animals such as the moth and the wolf. Let yourself be captured by Jussi’s expressive, energetic work!

Katja Fischer

German artist Katja Fischer’s work revolves around themes of music. She is not only interested in the objective but also the emotional world of her protagonists. What kind of person is behind the breathtaking music and what do they feel? Today Katja gives us an insight into a new thematic field in her oeuvre. Get to know her new art which explores moments of homoerotic love. The viewer is part of an intimate moment of love, harmony, passion but also vulnerability. We experience a voyeuristic moment. Discover Katja Fischer’s multilayered work with us!

Asli Akyuz

The multidisciplinary, Turkish artist Asli Akyuz deals with themes of nature and idyll in her oeuvre. We can see a development from a more Impressionistic style to more Realism in her work. Her new artworks are atmospherically charged and let the viewer dive into a snapshot of peace and harmony. However, her works are not only contemplative windows into landscapes but also reflections of humankind in nature. The captivating gaze of a young girl amidst the interplay of light and shadow is impressive evidence of this. Immerse yourself in the idyllic sphere of Asli Akyuz’s art!

Peter Bardazzi

Peter Bardazzi is an artist from the United States with an extensive artistic career. Included is a neo-futuristic period in which he explored the dynamics of motion driven by unseen machines and spinning vortexes. During this creative period, his work delivered unique energy, drive and inherent force. The purpose of his new art is to confront and subvert the viewer’s expectations but still attract their attention. His inspiration comes from medieval illuminated manuscripts, images from pop culture, science fiction, space travel, rocket machines, history, abstraction and invention. It is art that challenges the viewer, drives them to explore, to question. Dive into the profound and challenging art of Peter Bardazzi!