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October Issue: New Art

October brings with it new art from our talented Singulart artists. Get to know in this issue Deniz Hasenöhrl, Lyubena Fox, Sylvia Pásztor, Simon Monk and Joris van der Horst. We are pleased to present you with their three new artworks for Singulart! Learn about various media such as intaglio printing, oil painting and explore landscapes and abstract art. These artists examine humanity, transience, past and present, human-animal relationships, and explore pop culture and mountain sceneries. Immerse yourself in the diversity of our international artists!

Deniz Hasenöhrl

German-born artist Deniz Hasenöhrl mainly uses abstraction in her artistic expression and has developed a unique visual style within her oeuvre. It is characterized by a structure made up of layers of color. Her color palette cycles between bright neons in yellow, pink or green combined with pastel shades and the use of black and white. In her compositions she works with different painting techniques, creating high-contrast tension with opaque materials and translucent layers. The large-scale diptych “CONNECTION” is an impressive testimony to her talent. The word Menschlichkeit (Humanity) is written in capital letters above both panels. It is part of an installation called “FENCES”, which deals with material and immaterial limits. In addition to that, get to know her new art “the devil set me free” and “soul sister” from the series “SPACES”. Learn more about Deniz Hasenöhrls soulful layered works and follow her on Singulart to never be late on new art!

Lyubena Fox

The Bulgarian artist Lyubena Fox works of art are not only easy on the eyes but also demonstrates her impeccable proficiency to work in the style of the old masters. The main topics of her oeuvre are still lifes, portraits and bust sculptures. Through these, you can see her dedication to sharpening her skills through a thorough study of art history. Through her work Lyubena illustrates, often with symbolic allusions, themes of feelings one has towards life. In a fast and hectic world, the young artist wants to draw attention to the beauty that goes unseen in the speed of everyday life. Her new works of art are those of deceleration that allow us to slow down, to recall the love for detail and the romanticism of the past. Let yourself be captured by Foxe’s exquisite work and hit the follow this artist button to never miss new artworks of her!

Simon Monk

English artist Simon Monk’s work bears a unique stamp. He depicts superheroes and horror scenarios in the style of 1950s and 60s comics. With the help of his hyper-realistic painting style, Monk creates an illusion that surprises the viewer. At first glance, one cannot be sure whether it is a collage or an actual painting. Through this style, he explores the contrast between the ephemeral past and our overdrawn reality. His series ‘Unsealed’ follows the same composition, a white envelope in the center of the painting, from which a set of individual vintage cards peek out. They are yellowed and torn in places to emphasize their age, which contrasts sharply with the flowery cover. The motifs vary from superheroes like Superman, Wonder Woman or horror scenarios illustrating haunting by skeletons, death or snakes. These two types of scenarios suggest two attitudes to the past: it can be something that imprisons us or if dealt with fully, it can be something that offers liberation. Discover Monk’s multilayered work and click on follow this artist to be always up-to-date!

Sylvia Pásztor

The focus of the German artist Sylvia Pásztor lies in painting and graphic art. She deals with themes tied to her surroundings, which she carefully studies in her work. In these surroundings, her oeuvre captures both humans, animals and anthropomorphic creatures. Pásztor poses questions around the relationship between animals and humans. She questions the autonomy of the animal, its domestication and how we can maintain a healthy and respectful relationship with them. Moral questions arise from the human treatment of animals in the series “Glückskuh”. Pásztor’s new artworks use etchings to focus on cattle. She places the herd animal in the center of the frame and reduces it’s form to its essentials by means of her minimalist depiction. By removing the cow from a typical landscape, we lose context. This is a conscious decision by the artist, who leaves the viewer room for interpretation. Let yourself be captured by Pásztor’s multidisciplinary work and follow her on Singulart to get the latest updates of her works of art! 

Joris van der Horst

Joris van der Horst is an artist from the Netherlands who is able to synthesize the complexity of the visible world through his art without losing the richness of natural forms. A central motif in his art are mountains, which he explored on various expeditions everywhere from the Haute Route in France, Zermatt in Switzerland and Khumbu, the Everest Region in northeastern Nepal. His compositions are created with different layers of color, which reveal underlying forms in the landscape. Joris van der Horst gives a modern interpretation of the genre of landscape painting. He creates sublime mountainous landscapes by reducing them to their essence in his minimalistic, planar, almost stencil-like design, akin to advertising posters. Immerse yourself in the sublime compositions of Joris van der Horst and hit the follow this artist button to be the first to discover new artworks!