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Meet the Singulart Team: Vienna Kim

Vienna Kim

Singulart‘s strength lies in its services, sometimes putting its team in the background. We want to change this through our new series “Meet Singulart” where our French start-up, who counts diversity and internationalism among its fundamental values, shares the fascinating stories of our employees.

Discover life journeys that have led so many to the heart of Paris. This week, Vienna Kim, Art Advisor at Singulart, shares her’s.

Being half Korean and half English, Vienna grew up influenced by two cultures, dreaming of becoming a rock star. Her first experience with art was in high school in Korea. This led her to come to Paris to do an internship at Singulart. Vienna returned a year later.

About Vienna

Vienna spent her high school years in Korea, where she took an art history course. Although this one is usually reserved for students, and therefore extremely difficult, Vienna enjoyed every moment of it. So much so that even homework became a fun activity. A desire to go deeper into the subject developed. Vienna later attended St Andrews University in Scotland to study Art History.

During her last two years of study, her curiosity for fashion fused with her love for art. Vienna combined the two, making this her thesis subject at the end of her university course. Graduated from Saint Andrews, Vienna returned to London where she worked for a year as a manager for a luxury accessories brand.

“The energy of the team remains the same, and it’s very pleasant”

Vienna Kim

Her journey to Singulart

It was by chance that Vienna was offered a 6-month internship as an Artist Liaison at Singulart. This internship allowed her to deepen her theoretical knowledge. It also made her want to study the business side of the art world. On returning to England, equipped with new skills, Vienna undertook a Master’s degree in Art Business at the Sotheby’s Institute of Art.

Newly graduated again in 2020, Vienna, reconnected with Singulart, this time to explore the business and sales aspect. Today, Singulart’s new mission aims to offer collectors a digital experience which is just as rich and pleasant as that received in a physical gallery and to attract new collectors to the Singulart platform.

Three questions for Vienna Kim

Why art?

“I never really had a reason. It just clicked, it felt natural. I’m good at what I do. I love what I do and it makes me happy”

What do you like about Singulart?

“I dreamed of becoming a rock star.”

Vienna Kim

“The team! It is just so unique. Real friendships are formed. Even though the HR team which has recruited many newcomers, the energy remains the same. I am very interested in the digital art market, and it’s really special to work for a company that has a great ambition: to become THE reference in terms of online-art gallery

What future do you imagine for Singulart?

“I imagine that it will become natural for collectors to go to the Singulart site to buy their works. We see it more and more, since the lockdown. The digital is becoming accessible to a greater number of people. I share this vision of making online-art buying the norm, and my new position at Singulart allows me to contribute to that. ”