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The art of gifting

The art of gifting

A guide to gifting artworks for the holiday season

The holiday season is now upon us! But with this time of year comes the added stress of finding the perfect gift for our loved ones. So many options, different budget, different tastes and the never ending questions in our heads: What if he is disappointed? What if she already has something like that? The doubt and the uncertainty in gifting can sometimes take away the joy that comes from finding the perfect gift for the right person.

So, why not offer an artwork? Few gifts are as memorable as art. Taking the time to select an artwork for a special person is one of the best ways to show how much someone means to you.

Show Stealer (2021)
by Gaspard Mitz

An artwork is a present that stays forever. A piece of art does not have a shelf life, it doesn’t expire and if it is the right artwork, the owner will never get tired of looking at it. Artworks are long term goods that can be shared and valued from generations to generations.

Rest assured, we have prepared a few tips on how to give an artwork. No wrong way to do it, only creative possibilities. We hope that these 11 tips help you find joy and fun in gifting presents.

1. Know the taste of the recipient

It is important to consider their taste and narrow it down. In this case, you have two options. 

You can either find an artwork based on their taste, passions and favorite activities. Do they prefer neutral or bright colors? Who is their favorite artist? Their favourite art movement? Classic or abstract style ? Favorite movie or music? Favourite activity? Their dream travel destination they want to go to once COVID allows? Answering these questions can help you find a few themes to insert in the search bar! 

Or you can find an artwork that will remind them of a happy moment you have shared,? Or Perhaps a memorable conversation? Something that will take them back to a place or a  time in one look. Making a short list of your happy moments with this person can help you track a specific kind of artwork.

Your main goal here is to spark an emotion: may it be joy, serenity, confusion or surprise.

2. Set a budget

Setting a budget is also an easy way to select the artwork by using SINGULART’s browsing filters. There might not be a price limit for your loved ones’ present, but it is an easy tool to start. 

Get rid of the idea that because it is art, it is necessarily very expensive. There is a huge variety of artworks that can be purchased for less than 1,000 euros. Our Winter Holiday Flash Sale also offers exclusive prices and artworks for unique prices. There is a price for everybody! 

When setting a price, you should also consider the medium. Paintings and sculptures will always be more expensive than prints or photos.

3. Start early 

If you are only just reading this article, know that it is never too late. However, beginning to look at least two weeks in advance will avoid the unnecessary stress of having an undelivered present and a missed surprise. At SINGULART, we can normally deliver in 7 days, depending on the sanitary situation. We are still giving you the chance to find the perfect artwork for your loved one. 

Anticipating the date will give you the luxury of consciously choosing the artwork, without the pressure of having to find a gift quickly.

Un cadeau personnalisé (2021)
by Christine Beloeuvre

4. Think about their home decoration 

Visualize their home, where would the artwork fit best? What are their interior’s colors and decoration? An artwork has to harmonize with the room it will be set in or it might lose its impact. Choose an artwork that would look great in at least one or two rooms of your recipient, just to give them the final choice and guarantee for yourself that they will hang it up.

5. Consider a smaller size

From tip 4, comes the question of size. Of course, if your recipient lives in a small apartment, it may not be best to gift them a huge impressive artwork. 

Sometimes less is more. A smaller artwork can fit anywhere in a house, easy to transport if needed, offering your loved one the flexibility to put the present anywhere they want, which is an important detail to consider for a gift. 

the art of gifting

6. Don’t gift anything you wouldn’t hang on your own walls

An obvious, but important tip. Before you purchase the artwork, ask yourself: Do I like it? What kind of emotions do I get from it? Am I happy to purchase this artwork to this person?

Gifting is about sharing. If you are happy about your purchase, you will share your emotions along with the gift and the recipient will feel it too. So keep it fun and inspiring for yourself too!

7. Add a personal touch

Selecting an artwork for someone is already quite personal, but you can always go a step further by gifting a commissioned artwork.

Most SINGULART artists give you the opportunity to create a special commissioned artwork.  This way you can give a tailored artwork to your loved ones, ensuring they will identify it as unique!

8. If possible, frame the artwork

Framing an artwork is the final crucial (and almost mandatory) step to gifting an artwork. No matter how beautiful an artwork is by itself, having a proper frame is the right way to present art. A nice frame can always elevate an artwork. 

If you give an artwork without the frame, you transfer the task of finding a frame to the recipient, which can be a burden. Go all the way and finalize the purchase, by adding a good frame to it. 

9. Write a nice card

A gift is not a gift without the little card that comes with it. Making a gift personal is also about writing a note to the person you love, explaining why you chose this artwork. You can always add a small story about the artist, the artwork, where it comes from, how old it is and so on. Feel free to contact our art advisors who give you insights on the stories behind the canvases.

Make it as unique and personal as possible. The person has to understand why you thought this gift was for them, and for them only.

FRAGIL # 2 (2012)
by Óscar Varga

10. Put the artwork in a nice gift-wrapped box

The final touch is the wrapping paper, making the present extra beautiful from the outside too. As children, we all remember the excitement of opening unknown presents. Try to recreate that feeling by making the package a work of art! 

Gifting is all about the small intentions. If you take the time to find an artwork that fits, frame it, write a nice little card and put it all in a beautiful gift-wrapped box, you will succeed in making your special someone feel very loved!

11. Give them the chance to find their perfect gift

Despite your efforts, finding the artwork for that special person is difficult. You would want to be sure and confident about your present rather than 50% convinced.

In the case where you cannot find the perfect artwork but still want to gift art, SINGULART gives you the opportunity to give a gift card of any amount.

Like this, you give the owner the chance to find an artwork that speaks to their heart on SINGULART. A present they will never forget!