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Contest between artists: Collaboration Champagne François Lecompte x Singulart

During this festive season, Singulart has had the chance to collaborate with the French champagne brand, François Lecompte. The Singulart curatorial team has selected 15 artists to take part in this exceptional competition in order to create a unique label for one of the François Lecompte champagne bottles.

Each of the 15 participants received a tube of gold paint by Singulart. The only constraint of this competition was to use this festive painting in the work produced and to adhere to the rectangular format of the label. Fifteen artists of various nationalities, with their own style and preferred technique, took the challenge and produced an exclusive work in the space of 3 weeks!

The choice of the winning artwork was particularly difficult for our curatorial team as the 15 works of art received were all beautiful, inspiring and original. We are proud to share with you in this article the 15 achievements of our artists and would like to warmly thank them for their participation. Discover the canditates of the competition and theirs artworks in this article.

The winner


The curatorial team of Singulart has selected the work of the French artist Sniege for its spirit of celebration and sharing. The 6 elegant and slender women sharing champagne glasses and gossiping shows the artist’s interest in fashion, fabrics and costume design. Here, she depicts feminine faces with great gentleness and mystery, imbuing her aesthetics with both freedom and fragility. The dreamy imagination, the warm golden background, and the theme of sharing and festivity prominent in this work, greatly impressed our jury.

Carlos Martin

Singulart Golden Contest (2020), Carlos Martin

The work of Carlos Martin, Singulart Golden Contest can be found in the artist’s “Places and People” series. Here, gold paint was used to represent a coat with Singulart’s logo, contrasting the neutral tones with the strong colour of the gold paint. Carlos Martin’s works are detailed and realistic representations of people, beaches and everyday objects.

Peter Nottrott

Golden Wings XL (2020), Peter Nottrott

Golden Wings XL by German artist Peter Nottrott is an explosion of colour and golden paint. Attaching great importance to freedom and individuality, Peter composes powerful and energetic abstract paintings. Here, the combination of bright colours and expressive brushstrokes creates dynamism and an essence of optimism.

Natalia Nosek

Sounds of the Ocean (2020), Natalia Nosek

In Sounds of the Ocean, the German artist Natalia Nosek brings us closer to the ocean. Here, the golden paint seems to represent the sand in contrast to the blue and white colours. Nosek’s subjects often vary, whether it is the ocean or a prairie landscape, the message behind her works remains universal: love, which she conveys through the pigmented colours and luminosity of her art.

Kirstin Kossi

Kirstin Kossi

The artist Kirstin Kossi has chosen here to mix different colours with golden parts. Kristin Kossi is a German artist whose work has been widely exhibited nationally. Her works are characterised by mixtures of paint, lithography and collage. We find here her interest in mixtures, with this work mixing bright and dark colours.

Inge Thogersen

Happy Holiday (2020), Inge Thogersen

Happy Holiday by Danish artist Inge Thogersen transports us into the festive mood in the blink of an eye. Here, golden paint dominates the picture and depicts stars and glitter. For Inge, the work represents a happy winter period despite the difficulties of 2020.

Mercedes Lagunas

Mercedes Lagunas

The Spanish artist Mercedes Lagunas uses gold paint here to convey a message of joy and celebration. Her paintings are described as naive art exploring love in the broadest sense of the term. Working mainly with acrylic paints, her works are sparkling, full of life and colour.

Jessica Hendricks

Making Memories (2020), Jessica Hendricks

The work entitled Making Memories by Dutch artist Jessica Hendricks is a large format work, showing its magnificence. The golden paint used here seems to flow from the painting, like many small waterfalls. With this work, the artist wanted to thank her Singulart family and celebrate our work together. With her compositions, Jessica seeks to express freedom, beyond borders and words, expressing her imagination and emotions.

L’annunciatore (2020), Alessandro Siviglia

The Italian artist Alessandro Siviglia presents here, work with a golden, luminous and brilliant background depicting a knight on his horse entitled L’Annunciatore. The announcer arrives on his horse sounding the trumpet, he brings important news to celebrate, a reason to open the champagne according to Siviglia. The artist uses a mixture of techniques and materials in his works to create scenes marked by interesting shapes and characters, bright colours and sensitive art.

Marc Todd

A Forest Full of Magic (2020), Marc Todd

For this occasion, English artist Marc Todd painted a golden forest. The work is entitled A forest full of magic. The golden painting here adds a magical and mystical dimension to Marc Todd’s unique landscape. The work is painted in a mixture of atmospheric colours enhanced with gold, creating a unique work of art. The environment and the forest are Marc Todd’s own subjects and he seeks to communicate a sense of constant movement in his compositions.

Fintan Whelan

Under a Gathering Sky II (2020), Fintan Whelan

In his work Under a Gathering Sky II, German artist Fintan Whelan adds a golden touch to his blue and white blends. Regarding this series, Fintan describes:

“What seems to be chance or coincidence actually reflects years of honed skills in measuring, mixing, searching for what responds to my inner sense of how colour, light and darkness, compete – the release of tension, conflict and resolution – an echo of life – it is a journey of holding and letting go – paying attention to the smallest details and seeing a larger picture at the same time”.

Francesco d’Adamo

Corsa all’oro (2020), Francesco d’Adamo

In his work, the Italian artist Francesco d’Adamo seeks to create a revelation for each viewer through each of his works. His goal is to create a language without words through his art, he composes abstract paintings marked by wide brushstrokes, a highly pigmented colour palette and a soft musicality. This exclusive work entitled Corsa all’oro represents the abstract and unique style of the artist, while marrying pigmented colours with golden touches.

Niki Hare

Things (will get brighter) (2020), Niki Hare

In this colourful work, English artist Niki Hare advocates a positive, joyful and hopeful message for the end of the year 2020 by naming her work Things (will get brighter) for this competition. Hare explores ideas of existence and individual perception, spontaneously creating works that play with layers and narratives, offering a multitude of possible interpretations.

Tiberiu Soos

White and Gold (2020), Tiberiu Soos

In his exclusive White and Gold piece for the contest, Romanian artist Tiberiu Soos contrasts the gold paint with the white background. Since Soos’ works are often energetic explosions of colour and form, the artist has reinvented himself here and surely seeks to draw the viewer’s eye to the gold paint alone.

Ivan Didovodiuk

Sun glare at sea (2020), Ivan Didovodiuk

Ukrainian artist Ivan Didovodiuk takes us to the seaside with his work Sun glare at sea, using the gold paint to illustrate the sun’s reflections on the water. He describes this work as inspired by an expressionist and abstract style, provoking the viewer’s imagination.

Olga Novokhatska

Rendez vous au café le Némours (2020), Olga Novokhatska

The French artist Olga Novokhatska depicts in her work Rendez-vous au café Le Némours a scene from Parisian life evoking the festive season. Here we find the artist’s favourite subjects: scenes from life, the work of materials and the effects of light. She finds a delightful contrast between the deep green shades of the fir trees and the light yellow. The canvas is enhanced by the golden paint, which reinforces the festive occasion.

Luc Villard

The French artist Luc Villard offers here a work specially designed for a label on a bottle of champagne. The work shows Villard’s recognisable abstract style, with gold paint in the centre of the work. Luc Villard’s abstract pieces each contain hidden faces and invented languages.

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