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Meet the Singulart Family: Jason Zanweah

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As an online art gallery, Singulart’s strength lies in its services, which can sometimes seem like you don’t see the team in the background. We want to change this with our new series “Meet the Singulart Team”. We are a French startup that counts diversity and internationalism among its core strengths. Here we will share our exciting stories from our many collaborators. Embark on a journey where you will have the opportunity to discover one of our team members’ life paths, leading them to the heart of Paris. This week, Jason Zanweah, Talent Acquisition at Singulart, tells us his story.

Jason presents himself first and foremost as a music nerd. After a bachelor’s degree in art history, and studies in human resources, Jason is looking for an environment in which he can thrive and nourish his passion for the arts. Rather naturally, as a person with a great ear, he works in Talent Acquisition within Singulart.

About Jason Zanweah

Born in Paris, in the 9th arrondissement, and having grown up in the 18th, Jason Zanweah identifies himself first and foremost as a Parisian! His parents are from Liberia and Madagascar, making Jason the perfect example of what he calls “The Magic of Paris” – a city where all kinds of encounters are possible. As a child, he learned to draw and took singing lessons. Very early on, Jason understood that the environment in which he wished to pursue later on would be linked to art. In his leisure time, Jason spends his time analyzing the albums of his favorite artists. This led him to also research and study the different artists he collaborates with now, whether it be graphic designers, photographers, choreographers, directors of video clips, the artworks highlighted in the clips.

“Music introduced art into my life”

Jason Zanweah 2020
Jason Zanweah in his hometown, Paris.

His path to Singulart

Jason started high school with a focus in Art History. For three years, he studied photography, painting, and architecture. With his BA in hand, and in search of inspiration, he took a year off. He worked as a host in a start-up incubator where he met many Human Resources managers. He realized that this path would suit him perfectly. He entered a work-study program, after which he received a professional degree at the SNCF (The French National Railway Company). He gained a Master’s degree in work-study at Genius, which was a turning point in his professional life. He became the only recruiter in Genius. Under the wing of the Managing Director, Jason developed his skills and business understanding. Jason still refers to his former Managing Director as a “mentor.”

“Thanks to him, I became a better recruiter”

After completing his Master’s Degree, Jason accepted a permanent contract. Although he was happy within the company, he still itched to work in art. While looking at job offers in the artistic field, he was contacted by a recruitment agency who first told him about Singulart. At first, Jason pursued another company, but after a few months with them, he realized that Singulart might have been a better fit so he reached out. After three interviews and a case study, Jason happily joined the Talent Acquisition team at Singulart. Today, he is still very happy and proud that in 9 months he recruited more than 20 people.

Jaosn Zanweah 2020
Jason Zanweah

Three questions for Jason Zanweah

“I am deeply convinced that our primary function as human beings is to create.”

Why Art?

I think that art is the purest and most authentic form of creation. Because to create art is to materialize a part of oneself. And in the end, we all want to leave a trace. It is one of the purest ways in the world to connect human beings. It is what brings two people together who are totally opposite in every way, who for a moment can appreciate Art, and at that moment, nothing else exists.

What do you like about Singulart?

For me, the strength at Singulart is the team. We have succeeded in creating an environment where hard-working people can flourish. The opportunities to suggest and set up projects are very present. You just have to seize them. 22 nationalities make up the team and we have managed to cultivate a common culture. We learn a lot from each other. We learn to adjust to one another.

What future do you imagine for Singulart?

I imagine a physical presence all over the world. That Singulart establishes itself as a gallery exhibiting major artists – particularly thanks to partner sales. Like the one that is currently taking place “Singulart x Blond Gallery partner sales.” I see Singulart becoming a talent hub and a real source of support for young talents.

Jason Zanweah à New York devant une fresque de street art
Jason Zanweah in New York

Discover Jason Zanweah’s three favorite artworks on Singulart: