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December Issue: New Art

The year 2020 has ended and we would like to take the moment to use the last month of the year to discover new art. This December issue features new art from the talented artists Rosso Esmeralda Chrimson, Marcus Aitken, Jane Peng, Georgia Peskett and Katja Wittmer. We are pleased to present you with their three new artworks for Singulart! Learn about various media such as oil, plaster, sand, acrylic, pastel and wax. As well as themes of femininity, the subconscious, the ephemeral and the urban landscapes and its often overlooked beauty in our hectic world. Immerse yourself in the diversity of our international artists and follow them on Singulart to get the latest updates about their new works of art

Rosso Esmeralda Chrimson

Italian-born Rosso has lived and worked in London since 2004. She is a self-taught, award-winning portrait artist whose artworks are best described as colorful, intimate character studies. At the center of her art is femininity in most diverse age groups. Rosso not only portrays femininity as a beautiful vessel, but also questions and crystallises stereotypes that have been anchored in the role of the female sex for thousands of years. She plays with gender identity and incorporates iconography of femininity to raise questions, inviting the viewer to break through entrenched patterns. A striking example of this is Reflections (on the self) after Velasquez and  Frippery (self-portrait as a doll) where she depicts herself as an idealized doll. Rossos’s new works for Singulart show dreamy girls who are at peace with themselves. The viewer is allowed to experience an intimate, private moment, as in See-Through. Woman in Polka Dress shows a young woman in full figure, looking confidently at the viewer. She is embedded in expressive ornamentation that shows a modern reinterpretation of the Klimt woman. Make sure to follow her in order to never miss fresh updates on her work!

Marcus Aitken

English artist Marcus Aitken uses various media and tools to compose his abstract, energetic artworks. Coming from a design background, he has evolved his practice through mixed media, sculpture and jewelry design. Today Marcus uses his experience to enrich his art. He not only uses media like acrylic and colored pencils but also various bases for his painting. From canvases to metal, wood or paper, the different media combine to create multi-layered creations on which layering, transformation and mixing can be discovered. His new large-format works for Singulart are part of the Physicality series. The main unifying element is a dynamic, spontaneous brushstroke in a rich petrol green. For Atkins, the raw and original, immediate action is important when he composes his works. This process is impressively visible in his new works. We discover layers of color, blending and overpainting with different techniques that create a vivid composite. Discover Aitken’s multilayered work with us and don’t forget to hit the ‘follow this artist’ button to always stay up to date!

Katja Wittmer

Katja Wittmer is an artist living in Ireland whose central theme in art is to “look behind the curtain” as she is fascinated by exploring the emotional abyss. Wittmer’s aim is to confront the viewer with their own emotions and perceptions, using abstraction to create space for interpretation. The viewer finds strong colors in her works, some of which are captured on canvas with oil, plaster, sand or acrylic, pastel and wax. The various mixing techniques create a deeply layered work that alternates between glazing and impasto. The color palette changes like life between light and darkness, love and hate, beauty and distortion. Wittner’s paintings reflect people’s emotions. Between highs and lows, they challenge the viewer to explore the limits of perception.  Let yourself be captured by Wittmer’s deeply layered work. Hit the follow this artist button to never miss out on her newest artworks!

Georgia Peskett

Georgia Peskett is a British oil painter whose work depicts urban landscapes and explores the everyday world. They are snapshots of everyday life in a big city, with Peskett focusing equally on lonely streets and architectural compositions, as well as the staffage figures that fill the scenes. The artist roams the city to find her subjects, often concentrating on motifs that are isolated in some way and only unfold a narrative in the context of the painting. In St Pancras, Peskett photographed a young woman talking on the phone outside Central St Martins School of Fashion in London, in order to paint her later. During a visit to San Francisco, she found the composition for the work Ming (SanFrancisco) which was created with a unique technique using oil and wax on silk. It shows the façade of an empty dry-cleaner’s with a passer-by. The work The Waiting Is Over, Literally shows an isolated street view in the city of London. The image is particularly poignant in times of isolation, during closures and constant waiting that we all experience. The focus is on everyday details that are often overlooked in city life and become worthy of images in Pekett’s work. Discover the quiet and solitary quality of Pekett’s images and follow her on Singulart!

Jane Peng

Chinese-born artist Jane Peng lives and works in the United Kingdom. In her abstract artworks, she taps into the landscape of the soul. Her art does not reflect physical nature but the inner world, which Peng sees not only as self-expression but as a constant dialogue between the viewer. For this reason, the interpretation of her works is also free and directly connected to the viewer’s own experiences. In her abstract artworks, Peng opens up to the viewer a multifaceted world of expressive colors, energetic brushstrokes, creating high-contrast tension with opaque materials and translucent layers. The large-scale painting The Mountains of Morpheus is part of the Vanishing worlds series. Morpheus is the Greek god of dreams and could be a reference to the whole series, which deals with moments and dreams and their elusive memories. In this series, the artist is concerned with capturing ideas and memories that are elusive – those fleeting states of being that exist in the small gaps of consciousness, attention and time. The ephemerality of a moment that we can no longer grasp but still feel as an echo within us is captured by Peng in an impeccable manner. We see the white mist of memory floating over the artworks. Immerse yourself in the soulful sphere of Jane Peng’s oeuvre and follow her to get fresh updates on her work!