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Interview With Belgian Artist Le Closier

Le Closier is a Belgian artist based in the United States. In his artworks mixing colors and Pop-Art icons, Le Closier promotes inspiring messages. Learn about the artist in this exclusive interview.

When did you decide you wanted to become an artist?

I started with music first. After studying in a business school, I had two opportunities: start a job at an important bank or sign an artist contract with a record company, the choice was easy.

You started painting in the streets of Montparnasse in the early 2000s, how did your experience in street art influence your art today?

When I started to see the new art movement that is now known as Street Art, I was painting and drawing everywhere, all the time. Simple graffiti pieces became real artworks with Blek le Rat, Miss Tic. I simply wanted to become a part of it. I started painting at my place and I would put artworks on every single wall. Technically, it was not my best work but I had so much fun!

Could you please describe your art?

It is a mix of Pop Art in its colors and Street Art in its technique. I use acrylic and spray, as I like to play with color contrasts, using black with bright colors. I also paint portraits regularly, simplying the lines as much as possible.

You have created an entire artwork series in 3D, why did you choose this process? Why is it different than traditional painting?

Yes, it is quite a complex process. I start by painting two different canvases, they are then printed and mixed together on a surface. It requires a lot of time, it’s costly and the result is never guaranteed but when it is done properly, it is astonishing.

Credits: Le Closier

What is your creative process? What are the most important steps?

I start with an idea. Then, I digitally prepare the project from A to Z. Once I am satisfied with the digital version of the project, which can take days or weeks, I paint the artwork as accurately as possible.

In your art, one can find many icons such as Marilyn Monroe, the Beatles and many more. What inspires you to represent these celebrities?

Marilyn is the mandatory reference and icon of the Pop Art movement. The Beatles and other artists such as the Rolling Stones, Prince or Elton John are simply my idols and they were the reason why I wanted to start learning how to play music.

What artists inspire you today?

I still get very inspired by the biggest artists of the Pop Art movement such as Warhol, Keith Haring, Roy Lichtenstein, Basquiat as well as Street Art artists such as Banksy, Mr.Brainwash or Shepard Fairey….

Credits: Le Closier

What would you do if you were not an artist?

I would work in a Japanese restaurant and eat sushi all day long!

Do you have any tips for young artists starting their careers?

You should always do what you love, not what you are being told to do. As soon as you have figured out your style, stick with it. And above all, keep creating!