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Interview with creative director: Inês Gavinho

Art and interior design go hand in hand when it comes to elevating an architectural project to the next level. This is why Singulart interviewed the creative director of Gavinho Architecture & Interiors, Inês Gavinho, to tell us how to blend all these elements into timeless and high end spaces.

Can you introduce us to Gavinho Architecture & Interiors?

The atelier was founded in 1990 by my mother, Maria Gavinho. We develop projects in the areas of architecture, landscaping, interior design, product design and art consultancy.

What characterizes your projects?

Quality, contemporary style and personalisation. Whether in a new construction or in the renovation of an existing space, we never apply the same formula for all our clients. We always try to create comfortable environments that meet the lifestyle and personality of those who will inhabit that space. Other notable characteristics of our projects are the deep attention to detail, the use of natural quality materials and the timelessness of the solutions found. We design spaces to last over time and not to follow the latest trend.

How did you become the creative director of Gavinho Architecture & Interiors?

Photo credit: Gavinho Architecture & Interiors

My background is in architecture and fine arts, interior design turned out to be the legacy I inherited from my mother and the initial purpose of the studio. With my arrival in 2010, I brought architecture into the business, which opened new doors for Gavinho Architecture & Interiors. The fact that I became creative director was a natural succession and a bet on the future of the atelier, with a vision towards larger scale projects and international expansion.

Where do you find inspiration?

It comes up at every moment. Whether it’s a trip to a faraway country or a walk through the streets of Lisbon. Art, music and architecture are also major references, but I don’t have a specific place or theme to look for inspiration, it’s something that happens naturally and flows according to the needs of each project.

Do you have a favorite project stage?

The first approach with the client and the final delivery of the project are always special moments, but every stage has its beauty. From the conceptual phase to the choice of materials. To the interaction with the craftsmen and builders who materialise our ideas, every moment is important for the final result.

What is your favourite furniture piece at your place?

My sofa. I bought it in an auction, it is designed by Walter Knoll but never mass produced. It is a very special piece that I restored and covered with a Limited Edition fabric that I love.

Photo credit: Gavinho Architecture & Interiors

Who are your favourite artists?

The duo Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Their works are simply extraordinary and of an impressive artistic freedom. Above all, the independent way they have developed their work, has made them free to do things outside the box, by never accepting sponsorships or subsidies. Their projects, such as ‘Wrapped Trees’ or ‘Surrounded Islands’, have the ability to take away the barriers and make us dream and travel to the infinity of imagination.

For you, what is the connection between art and architecture?

This connection is always present. Whether through the sculptural architectural solutions we find for our projects or the importance that works of art assume in our environments. Art shines brighter when well framed in architecture. On the other hand, art always enhances architecture. It is a unique relationship that should always be encouraged.

Photo credit: Gavinho Architecture & Interiors

What are the current interior design trends?

At Gavinho Architecture & Interiors, we don’t work with trends, but rather create timeless projects that stand the test of time. This timeless vision of ours fits perfectly with where the market is flowing now. Due to climate change and the instability felt in the world today, people increasingly value quality pieces. This translates to natural materials that last a lifetime and a more serene, harmonious architecture – adpted to the various stages of their lives.

What would be the dream project?

We would like to carry aproject for Boutique Hotel, which will eventually happen soon.