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Meet the women artists of the exclusive curated sale for Women’s Day

In honor of International Women’s Day, SINGULART is dedicating an entire week to highlight and explore influential women that shape the world of art today. The online contemporary art gallery will dedicate each day from the 8th – 14th ofMarch to one aspect of the art market, discussing collectors, curators, art history and much more. During this week, SINGULART is organizing an exclusive sale highlighting 20 women with strong artistic voices.

Meet and discover here the world and inspirations of the 20 women artists highlighted in our exclusive sale !

How would you describe your art in one word?

Sara Odman: Lively !

Maria Moretti: Strong Lady with a big heart

Niki Hare: Words.

Laurence de Valmy : Story Teller.

Marta Levya : Coloristic !

How do you know when a piece is done ?

Karoline Dall : When I feel like keeping it for myself 😉

Zahra Holm

Zahra Holm : It is an intuition thing, when it is the perfect balance.

Rocio Navarro : When I arrive at a point where I’m as comfortable as I am ever going to be with the result, which is not 100% but I have to decide that is finished and move on, otherwise I could always keep on working it and perhaps turn it into something else.

What does creativity mean to you ?

Kate Segal : I am most aware of my creativity when I am in the process of making art. In those moments, I feel a sense of freedom and authenticity.

Elvira Pyrkova : A breath of fresh air !

Erin Newell Bird : Being authentic, trusting my instincts.

Erin Newell Bird

Laurence de Valmy : It is seeing with new eyes, let out imagination take control and thinking out of the box.

Celine Ali : Creativity for me is a way of thinking. An innate curiosity, questioning, exploring every possibility and then having the ability to focus this inspiration into something tangible. Creativity for me revolves around the idea of mind, heart and body working in unison.

What song would best represent your commissioned artwork ?

Karoline Dall : an ABBA song !

Zahra Holm : Bee Gees on repeat

Gabrielle Rul : South American Getaway by Burt Bacharach. And it can definitely represent my work, sometimes a bit melancholic then a punch of joy and hope pops in. The rollercoaster of emotions I feel while i paint.

Lucy Schappy : “Feeling Good” by Nina Simone.

Helene Jacqz : A song which would best represent my work would be between Free jazz and Bach suite.

Who are the women that inspire you ?

Elisa Bo : Women who are not afraid to face, express and live by their desire, what ever desire that might be. Women who had several lives in one life, 3 husbands and 4 lovers. And somehow very random women with square jawlines.

Elvira Lantenhammer : Agnes Martin, Georgia O`Keefe, Hannah Arendt, Virginia Woolf

Karoline Dall

Maria Eduarda Boabaid : One of my biggest inspirations is my late grandmother, Elci Irene Marçal Boabaid. She was the one who took me deeper into the world of painting. Besides her, I am inspired by many other artists, many that I meet along the way and the women that surround me. My art is about my emotions, so the women around me, have a great impact on each of my works.

Gisela Gaffoglio : George Sand, Alfonsina Storni, Camille Claudel, Marcia Swartz, Carla Bruni

Van Lanigh: My future self…. and Agnes Martin.

What made you decide to collaborate with Singulart for International Women’s Day ?

Rocio Navarro

Karoline Dall : I think it’s such a good idea and it’s so different than my job as an influencer. I really want to explore the art world since painting has become my new hobby and free space.

Zahra Holm : Always great to be part of a show 🙂

Rocio Navarro : I believe this day is important, women have better their place in society, in some places more than others, no doubt about it, but there is still a long way to go. Luckily women are mobilising everywhere in the world to bring down the systems that oppress us and it will take some time but we will get there. 

Gabrielle Rul : I’m always open to collaborate with people but I do love the curation of IWD and being a part of a project for Womens Day, Singulart seemed to be the best partners for that. 

Your body is a battleground (2020) – Laurence de Valmy

Lucy Schappy : I decided to collaborate with Singulart for IWD because I feel strongly about the power of women in the world and my work  is a celebration of that.

Helene Jacqz: It’s a nice challenge. I always believed we have a special mission as a woman and as an artist to open a way of expressing true self . So, I am honored to be chosen for that very special day.