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When Augmented Reality meets Street Art – Artist Bond Truluv

Jonas Ihlenfeldt, under his pen name Bond Truluv, will be among the major artists featured on the Street Art Auction running on SINGULART from the 20th to the 25th of April. In this interview, Bond Truluv tells us more about how and why new technological tools such as Augmented Reality add value to his artworks. In this article we discuss his techniques, artworks and why he believes that the intersection where Augmented Reality meets Street Art is such an interesting place to be.

1. Would you define yourself as a street artist?

Absolutely. A large part of my aesthetic socialisation happens “on the streets” and I regularly paint outside, probably more often than inside.

2. What are the core themes in your works? 

Technology, pop culture, architecture, illusion and calligraphy.

3. Can you talk about your artistic influences and other artists you are most inspired by?

Well, there are quite a lot of fellow artists. There are way too many to mention and I wouldn’t want to single out some, since many of them played a vital part in my artistic evolution. In general, I am mostly inspired by graphic design and music.

4. Why did you decide to adopt innovative techniques such as Augmented Reality? 

To some extent, I understand myself as a technician that tries to find a suitable solution for a certain problem. In this regard, I am constantly searching and creating new tools to extend my aesthetic toolbox. Involving new technologies is just a logical next step in evolution and I am fascinated about what has been made possible in the past years. 

I’m not saying that everything is going well and that technology is the road to salvation but it certainly inspires me to create new combinations on a really steady basis. Augmented reality (AR) gave me the interesting opportunity to give life to my pieces. Before AR, I would paint a still image of a potentially infinite action or process. Thanks to this new tool, I am able to transform this limited moment to a new perception of time and tell a much more interesting story through my pieces.

5. Could you please elaborate on the procedure of customising Augmented Reality layers? How do you create them?

Whenever I start working on a piece, I have a brief idea of what is going to happen. Most work steps happen within a 3D software called Blender. Usually I draft about 5 to 15 still versions before I decide which piece to actually paint and animate. Originally, I used to sketch a lot and draw everything out, but now the mouse and my desktop pc are my main tools. I still enjoy painting with spray cans a lot. After I paint the canvas, I adjust the digital version according to the analogue one and then start to animate certain parts that I feel suitable. After rendering out a small clip, I add some effects with the help of video editing software and make sure that the animation matches the painted piece. With the help of a third software, I match the animation video onto a tracking image that will be recognized by the app through a QR code. Upon recognition, the app downloads the video and plays it on top of the tracking image. 

6. Do you think that being a multimedia artist adds value to your artistic production?

I guess and hope so. To me, it is very important to experiment with different mediums and try new things. I appreciate artists who have strong auto didactic skills and are not afraid to redefine themselves and their work through time.

7. What has inspired you for CopyPaste IV and IV?

CopyPaste IV and IV were inspired by the beauty of classic architecture with a hint of ancient sciences and modern technology. I understand them as a study of depth, dimension and materials and invites you to explore its multiple layers of personality.

8. Can you tell us about a project you’re currently working on?

I recently started to experiment with NFT / Cryptoart and I am developing new ways of including blockchain certificates into my work. Besides that, I work on various international mural projects that hopefully will happen once the pandemic allows travelling again. Also, I find great joy in building unusual painting devices.