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5 Minutes with Patricia Slosiar

Patricia Slosiar is a prize-winning artist based in Slovakia whose paintings have been exhibited nationally as well as internationally. Describing her art as exuding awareness, she conveys messages from differing realities, dimensions, and her own knowledge regarding what the world requires. Slosiar’s narrative based abstract compositions are created using acrylics on canvas or cardboard. We sat down with Patricia to talk about her current projects, inspiration, and the start of her artistic career.

When did you know you wanted to be an artist?

It was the time when I was at home with my kids and I created my first picture with wax after a long time.

“I was amazed. When I saw the colours, the whole energy, I felt an enormous amount of joy and happiness inside me.”

After this experience, I started to create full time. It was a beautiful start to being an artist.

Power (2020), Patricia Slosiar

Can you talk about your artistic influences and other artists you are most inspired by?

My biggest inspiration is ME. I am creating from myself, and honestly I did not watch a lot of other artists. I admire the work of every artist, but Miro was a big inspiration to me when he said: “Every line is an art.” It gave me an understanding of what art is and how I can perceive the value of art.

Do you prefer to work alone or collaborate with others?

I love to collaborate with others. I love creating with others and meeting great people.

Over the rain (2018), Patricia Slosiar

Can you tell us about a project you are currently working on?

I am creating art that is going to change people’s lives. My pieces are full of messages and create energy with deep amazing stories. My art shares light to people’s life and has the power to change something important. My paintings help people grow and succeed.

What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t an artist?

I am not only an artist because of my paintings, I also write poems. In addition, I enjoy creating healthy food, natural cosmetics, and I love to dance and exercise.

Loving Breeze (2020), Patricia Slosiar

Have you found any other artists on SINGULART whose work you admire?

Yes. I found the works by Rie Kono very interesting.

What advice could you give to young artists who are just starting out?

I would advise them to enjoy the process of creation. When you open yourself to these feelings every piece is amazing and you can feel a connection with your art. Also, certainly be yourself and know what you love.

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