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Charity Auction for AMREF

In Conversation with Eva Soubielle & Hubert Chauvet, Marketing Manager & General Secretary of AMREF France

From May 9 to 16, 2021, SINGULART and its artists will donate their profits to AMREF France on the occasion of a charity auction.

SINGULART shares the same values as AMREF: gender equality, cultural diversity, and equal opportunity. We are proud to carry the voice of our artistic community to echo their commitments louder and put it at the core of contemporary challenges.

To better understand the actions carried out by AMREF, we interviewed Eva Soubielle and Hubert Chauvet.

What is the mission of AMREF?

AMREF is an African NGO active in the field of public health. Since 1957, the association has been advocating for equitable access to health care, with a priority given to women and children. The organization operates 178 health programs in 35 countries, reaching the most remote areas of sub-Saharan Africa. Since AMREF’s creation, programs have benefited 110 million people, including 80 million women and children. The actions are based on 3 pillars: training of health personnel, access to quality health care and improvement of health coverage.

Like other AMREF offices in Europe and North America, AMREF France, created in 1978, has the following mission

  • Mobilizing resources and developing strategic partnerships to support health programs in Africa
  • Information, communication and advocacy on health issues in Africa and promotion of AMREF’s action and solutions in its countries of intervention
  • Technical support for the development of AMREF programs in Africa, particularly in Francophone Africa

AMREF France mainly supports the West Africa region with projects also implemented in South Africa. This past year, this support contributed to the care and awareness of 113,188 people and the training of more than 4,000 medical and paramedical personnel.

For more information: https://amref.fr/

Could you tell us more specifically about a humanitarian program set up by AMREF?

Among the 8 projects currently funded by AMREF France, the DEVENIR” project implemented in Senegal for 3 years under a funding from the French Development Agency aims to contribute to Toreduce the prevalence of FGM among girls aged 0-14 years in the Sédhiou region by strengthening community involvement and participation

Our strategy is based on strengthening the knowledge and skills of all actors in the fight against Female Genital Mutilation (‘FGM ‘). Through this support, they will be able to facilitate a community dialogue with the ultimate goal of leading to a collective demand to abandon the practice. Youth and adolescents are strongly involved in perpetuating or changing opinions, attitudes and practices, with implications for the evolution of FSM practice. Thus, they will be the first to be supported. They will be trained to become spokespersons for the struggle in their respective communities.

The key partners of this project are 3 Ministries in Senegal, the administrative, health and social authorities of the region of Sédhiou and of course the civil society organizations partners

Do you consider that there is a particular relationship to art within AMREF?

Since its inception, AMREF, both in France and in other countries, has always been accompanied and supported by many artists, singers, actors, painters and sculptors, all of whom have expressed their desire to support the actions and promotion of our organization in Africa through their art. This is quite logical as the presence, the development of art and the freedom of all artistic expressions are important and indicators, in our opinion, of the good development of a society.

What convinced you to collaborate with SINGULART for this charity sale?

SINGULART’s “disruptive” economic model, its proven ability to mobilize artists to defend a public interest cause and also its past experience with Charity sales in collaboration with NGOs are the 3 main characteristics that made us want to develop this partnership.

Could you give us some examples of what AMREF can do with a donation?

AMREF’s fundraising takes place in two distinct ways. We have the part of the funds coming from institutional donors and/or companies and foundations which are received for the financing of precise projects defined with them; in parallel, there is the part of the funds received from our individual donors or via charitable operations such as our charity gala at the end of the year or other campaigns and partnerships, such as the one with SINGULART; in these cases, the funds received are mainly dedicated to support our current and future projects, in particular for possible co-financing. Donations received can also be used to strengthen the coordination and dialogue between the office and the field through field missions, meetings, round tables…; finally we also need funding to increase our visibility.

Take part in the Charity Sale for AMREF

Thank you to AMREF France for their trust. Each work of art presented during this sale symbolizes a potential donation to the association. Discover new artworks during our auction, enjoy the thrill of candle auctions, and support a charitable cause at the same time.