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5 Minutes With Tiny de Bruin

Tiny De Bruin is a passionate Dutch painter who has exhibited her work in the Netherlands, the US, Germany, Spain, and China. The thematic focuses in her art are the defining moments of her life, including daily experiences as well as processing the impressions of her immediate surroundings. Her style is abstract and figurative and her color palette is cheerful and enthusiastic. Tiny’s overall artistic aesthetic is uplifting, vibrant, and dynamic. We are excited to share our interview with Dutch artist Tiny de Bruin with you!

When did you know you wanted to be an artist?

In 2005 I started enthusiastically, but then stopped. In 2012 my mother died, I got some money from her and was able to buy canvases and paint again, and then I started for real. I started to exhibit and promote it everywhere. Only when I discovered online galleries and started to sell, did I gain confidence and realize that I was able to sell myself too.

I need new roots (2021), Tiny de Bruin

Can you talk about your artistic influences and other artists you are most inspired by?

I am an autodidact. The most important influence on my paintings and career derives from Anita de Harde, a painter from my hometown with whom I took some painting classes. For the rest I am really stubborn, following my own path and inspiration is crucial for my art. Fairs, museums, sculpture gardens, nature, and mountains are just some places where my influences come from. I am transforming this visual stimulation into paintings. My collaborations with the artist PEKO, a fantasy figure painter, inspired me to use more bright colors from time to time.

Do you prefer to work alone or collaborate with others?

I prefer to work alone. I really need time away from people to heal, contemplate, and to reflect that by playing with paint.

Drenthe landscape (2021), Tiny de Bruin

Can you tell us about a project you are currently working on?

I am always working on quite short-termed projects. For example window dressing, designing the hall of an office or hotel in the neighborhood. Most of the time I am working on canvas. This allows me to work fast and intuitive. I also like to do movies or photography. Sometimes I even write stories about my life and most of the time you can discover them in my paintings. When I am in love I write about it, even when it is multi-facetted. I do not have many secrets I think – I do have an unusual life that is worth discovering in my paintings.

What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t an artist?

I would probably have followed one of my other passions like writing or acting, but I think unfortunately it is too late to start that career.

Abstract blue salmon yellow turqouise (2021), Tiny de Bruin

Have you found any other artists on SINGULART whose work you admire?

I admire portraits and the artists creating them – SINGULART artist Raúl Lara for example! It is definitely not one of my artistic strengths, but I would love to learn. In general, I am a bit afraid that my portraits would look too forced. Anyways, this would be a new challenge for me so let’s see!

Cloud busting (2021), Tiny de Bruin

What advice could you give to young artists who are just starting out?

Go for it, believe in yourself, collaborate with online galleries and follow successful artists. What do they do and implement?

Thanks for the interview Tiny! Discover more of her works on her SINGULART profile!