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Meet SINGULART- Kim Bian

This week, Kim Bian, Social Media Marketing Manager at SINGULART, tells us about her life.

About Kim Bian

Nurtured by her curiosity, her sense of people, and her desire to discover the world, Kim grew up in Wuhan in the province of Hubei! As a child, following her mother’s advice, she tried her hand at several artistic and sporting activities, dancing, singing, playing the piano and even football. In the end, it was painting that made her feel like she belonged.

There is never judgment and limitation in art.

Art was the only activity in which Kim could express her creativity and the eccentricity of the art world aroused her curiosity and drove her to continue exploring it. For 10 years, Kim studied art part-time, mainly drawing and still life, until the end of high school. Despite the advice from her teachers, Kim refused to mix her hobby with her career, so she decided to study international economics. She fell in love with France during a week-long school exchange, Kim remembers her promise to return one day. She therefore undertook a double degree in business administration at the ICN Business School in Nancy. However, caught up in her studies, she no longer had the time to devote herself to painting. It was only a few years later, when she was hired by SINGULART, that during her first confinement in Paris, Kim began to paint again.

Fortunately, I don’t need to explain more about my city, as it became famous last year.

Meeting Kim Bian 2021
One of Kim Bian’s artwork, 2021

Her journey to SINGULART

After her master’s degree, Kim wanted to stay in France longer and to combine her academic career with her passion for the arts. Kim applied to Emlyon Business School to study luxury management and marketing. During her studies, she had the opportunity to go to London for an exchange semester at the University of the Arts (London College of Fashion). Upon her return to France, she started an internship in a big data agency as a luxury business analyst, then in the digital marketing field in a skin care laboratory. She has excellent memories of these courses and comes out of them, grown, and full of knowledge. Finally, thanks to Next Station, Kim became a digital marketing intern at SINGULART. Then after 6 months of an internship, as the marketing team was looking to grow, Kim was hired as a social media marketing manager. As part of a great marketing team, working hand in hand to achieve the collective goal of becoming the world’s leading online art marketer, Kim is thriving in her day-to-day duties, and is determined to meet the challenge.

My mother always believed that being able to do different activities would help enrich her personality and her life, so she had me try all kinds of activities.

Kim Bian in three questions

Meeting Kim Bian
Kim Bian, 2021

Why Art?

The beauty and novelty of an object is something I am passionate about and love to capture! Art allows me to have infinite freedom and imagination. There are no rules or judgments. I can be an ordinary (and even boring) person in everyday life and be whoever I want on my canvas.

What do you like about SINGULART?

First of all, I would like to answer the question based on my experience working on the marketing team. All opinions are respected, all discussions are transparent, decision making is rational and scientific, talents are appreciated! About SINGULART in general, I appreciate that there is no hierarchy like many other companies and that it is very international. There are so many great people from different teams and it never feels lonely.

What future do you see for SINGULART?

I have always trusted SINGULART to be a digital pioneer in the art sector. I see its future like the giants, Google or Facebook, who dared to disrupt the market, started quietly, but grew extremely fast. Most importantly, as the company grows, I hope we never lose the great qualities we have maintained to date: Transparency, equality, efficiency, and rational data-driven decision making.

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