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How to Style your Interior with Abstract Art Paintings

American abstract artist Joan Mitchell (1925-1992) claimed to have “carried her landscapes around with her.” Her compositions were the pure reflection of her memories unfolding through her magnificent canvases. Layers of energetic brushstrokes danced across the surface, making a statement of their own and, as a result, giving a sense of bustling movement while bringing inner peace to the beholder of her works.

Gestures, large expanses of color, and emotion play a significant role in abstract artworks, conveying the artists’ feelings and engulfing the viewers to immerse themselves and get lost in the painting. Their expression dominates the scene and conquers any space inviting the collector to engage with the work. Incorporating unique abstract pieces into your house will instantly change the overall atmosphere by heightening the importance of each and every art decoration. 

How could you make the right choice when buying Abstract art? There is no correct answer; once you fall in love with a piece, do not hesitate to purchase it. Having second thoughts about where to hang it out should only be a bump in the road and the least of your worries. When there is a will, there is a way! So please, follow your guts, and everything else will fall into place to accommodate the artwork to fit the home decor.

Break the Rules

When choosing a suitable abstract artwork to bring home with you, it is essential to follow your heart and don’t be afraid to mélanger styles and divorce from pattern to color-scheme palettes that match your interior design. Don’t be scared to mix your newly acquired piece with photographs and more traditional elements of art. It will make it stand out when merged with a wide array of works.

Color Explosion

Animate the space and play around with the colors and shapes. If you decide to showcase your art piece within an eclectic, colorful space, it is essential to create conversations between objects and artwork. This dialogue will underscore the relevance of your new Abstract masterpiece without overshadowing its surroundings. Every work can have a unique presence chez toi. An exultant theatre of color can be the perfect backdrop for that new piece you are about to add to your collection. The expressive power of color deployed in large fields will envelop anyone in the room!

Monochromatic Setting

Dealing with a monochromatic room is always a good choice that will never disappoint to integrate your artwork. If your home decor follows a harmonious palette of white and crème, your artwork will be in the spotlight like it happens in the white cube gallery model. The color of your Abstract painting can be the instrument that serves a greater purpose, and its vibrancy and richness will perfectly contrast with the room decor.

Orchestrate your Collection

Once you have your Abstract artwork, it is time to find the perfect spot in your house. Before you start moving around all the furniture and rearranging your art pieces from one room to the next, take some time to curate and organize your layout!