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A Pop Art Interior

When we hear the term Pop Art we automatically think of Andy Warhol, Roy Lichentenstein, Keith Haring and many others. These artists pushed this style of art forward and became well-known pop art icons. The style dates back to the 50s and has been a “popular” style ever since, most likely because the word pop is an abbreviation for the word popular. It was meant to be art for the masses so that everyone could enjoy this new style. Created to show that you can pull inspiration from anywhere when creating art and to blur the boundary between high and low culture, Pop Art changed people’s perceptions of what is considered art . 

Pop Art sure does POP! It incorporates expressive colors and attractive patterns to create an intriguing look. The contrast between the colors and patterns draws the eye and attracts your attention immediately. Pop Art brings personality into your space and will make it stand out.

So How Do You Create a Pop Art Interior? 

Look for expressive colors that bring liveliness to a space. Find pieces that are unique, but that also work well together. From colored furniture, to patterned rugs, to unique accessories, to a piece of artwork, the options are endless! Start with a piece of artwork so you can incorporate the colors featured in the piece into the rest of your space. Always think about breaking the norm; change up the textures, shapes, etc. Your space will be unique and full of character. Since Pop Art has been popular for so long you do not need to worry about it ever going out of style. Once you start to look for it, you will notice that Pop Art is everywhere!

So what better way to design your Pop Art interior than with a piece of artwork? Check out our A Pop Art Interior Collection to find the perfect piece for you and your space!

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