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SINGULART Collector: Lucia Koch

SINGULART Collector Lucia Koch made history with us, although she did not know it at the time. She was our first ever collector and is an ongoing supporter. In celebration of our fourth anniversary, we wanted to highlight Koch and her incredible art collection.

Koch describes herself as a mother of three, sending her children to a Waldorf School, which means that there is plenty of artistic creativity throughout her home. Born in Brazil, she went on to study Interior Design in Florida in the US and has since made her way to Germany, where she enjoys a beautifully decorated home. Learn more about the SINGULART Collector below!

What experience do you have collecting art?

My parents have always been collecting art since I can remember, but only when I found myself having my own space, I had the chance to personalize it to my style. Also, studying Interior Design gave me more esthetic appreciation tools. 

I felt the need for an online, easily accessible way to commission art pieces. As if someone read my mind.

– Lucia Koch

Did you know that you were the first SINGULART Collector?

I did not know that! I was incredibly surprised and felt very honored! Interesting, because I have always had the feeling I had been “waiting for SINGULART.” I felt the need for an online, easily accessible way to commission art pieces. As if someone read my mind.

What drew you to that first piece of art at SINGULART?

Sara Willett’s work impressed me with its wonderful texture. So much that I could not choose just one, I was fortunate enough to be able to secure two of her pieces.

Greyshore M19H, 2019 Carlos Martin, Spain
Courtesy of the SINGUALRT Collector

Have you grown your collection since then?

Yes, I have. Art is always evolving. I am constantly waiting for the next opportunity and inspiration to continue growing my collection based on moods and feelings.

Is your professional work related to art?

Considering art as being part of our daily life, then yes. I try to integrate and harmonize all important pieces such as famous Japanese-Brazilian artist Tomie Ohtake with my own children’s work, for example, so that they feel what they produce has a place in our home. Affective experience at its finest.

When did you first become interested in art?

Like mentioned earlier, growing up in an environment that facilitated and prioritized art, books, culture, in general, had certainly a lot to do with it.

Do you call yourself a SINGULART collector? If so, when did you first realize that you were one?

I would like to see myself as a collector’s apprentice for the moment. I believe I still need more years ahead and more empty walls to be filled in order to be a “proper collector.”

Afternoon, 2019 Carlos Martin, Spain
Courtesy of the Collector

Would you please speak about the artworks that you will share with us via photo?

Both works from Spanish artist Carlos Martin and one of the Sara Willett’s are currently in our beach place situated in Duhnen, Cuxhaven on the North Sea coast. I was specifically looking for pieces that would compose well with the maritime atmosphere. I also believe the Sara Willett’s with its unique texture is able to reflect the Wadden Sea ground during the ebb after the flow phenomenon very well.

How do you grow your collection? Is it impacted by your home decor?

Both ways. Sometimes the piece touches me in a way that its relevance must be considered then find a place for it, and other times the contrary: the empty space is waiting for the particular piece. 

What is your favorite part of acquiring an artwork, and what is the most difficult part?

The SINGULART website is certainly my favorite to browse and scroll through all the pieces based on previously selected criteria. I love having them as my favorites grouped in the Wishlist. It is easy to keep an overview and then finally consult the family members for their input. The most difficult part is having to choose only one and having to part ways with another dear contender.

What art aesthetic are you most drawn to for your next acquisition?

Abstract, semi-abstract. Either a Lithography Print or an Oil painting. We will see.

Finally, do you have an upcoming project that requires art? If so, what are you looking for?

Yes, we are going to renovate our house and with that, we will have more possibilities with new walls. Lastly, it is imperative to mention and recognize that during this pandemic crisis it is an extraordinary privilege in all senses to be able to sustain topics like culture and art. Art manifestations are proving to be an escape, a refuge for the challenges of today’s time.

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