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SINGULART Collector: Kotaro Taketsuru

In celebration of SINGULART’s fourth birthday, we turned to our collectors to get their perspectives on collecting art online. Today, we speak with SINGULART Collector Kotaro Taketsuru about his relaxed approach to growing his art collection.

What inspired you to become a SINGULART Collector?

I want to enjoy a piece of casual art that sets the mood and creates an atmosphere. I also want to sometimes redecorate my space and art can create a feeling of change.

When did you start collecting art?

I wouldn’t say that I’m an art collector. In my 30s, I bought anonymously made artworks in New York, Argentina, etc. and from friends’ artists, small galleries, travels, etc. It wasn’t until my fifties when looking at my grandfather’s collection that I wanted to have art that suited my own taste. I think I was influenced by his collection, but also the people around me.

Courtesy of the SINGULART Collector

What kind of art are you interested in?

It’s fun to see fresh ideas and see work from talent from around the world. I’m not beholden to any particular genre, but I certainly look to Mark Kostabi, Michael Kenna the photographer, etc.

Where is the best art city, in your opinion?

New York, because I used to live there.

Which artists have you discovered recently?

 Architect Tadao Ando. I’ve been very impressed by his vision of combining landscape, architecture and art into one.

What is the style/theme of your collection?

Nothing in particular, some photography, some watercolours.

How do you keep up to date with the art world?

There are a lot of artists and art lovers around me, so even if I don’t want to talk about art, it comes up and I get into it.

Courtesy of the SINGULART Collector

How do you display your collection?

I enjoy the chaos and harmony of my own collection mixed with my grandfather’s collection in a conceptless exhibition.

Why did you choose to collect art from SINGULART?

Because I felt comfortable with the works and the process of purchase.

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