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SINGULART’s 4th Birthday: Creative Joy

To celebrate four years of empowering artists worldwide, we launched a special curated collection entitled Creative Joy. A couple of weeks ago we asked our artists with a call for artworks for their creations linked to this joyful topic. Our curators decided on a handpicked selection. In celebration of SINGULART’s anniversary, we would like to thank you for your loyalty over the last few years. Like SINGULART this collection should bring our international community of collectors and artists together with a passion we all share: Art and creativity!

Why the topic Creative Joy?

It is the energy linked to creation, the one that pushes you to reach for your pencils, brushes, or other tools. It’s also the feeling that art lovers feel when they discover their favorite artwork, it’s an intense joy that they feel when they finally see the artist’s creation in their collection. But there are even more facets to discover in our collection. Let’s have a look at some of them.

The act of artistic creation

Making the artist and the creation of art the topic of an artwork is deeply self-referential: The viewer is not only able to grasp and enjoy the act of painting, the artwork also serves as a vehicle for the artist to show his and her own joy while creating art. Having these artworks at home in your own collection is a perfect way to show your passion for art and creativity. The artwork therefore represents the strong bond between the artist and the collector that goes far beyond the physical object. We truly love this kind of works that represent our core values in such a powerful way!

Depicting nature

It’s spring, and we love watching the nature coming back to life. Trees and flowers are in bloom, colors and inspiration are all around. Capturing the beauty of nature and landscapes is a true creative joy, for the artists as well as the collector. Weather reminding you of a truly memorable holiday or your home on the countryside, artworks like this are elevating your home and lighting up your mood. Join us for an artistic stroll in nature and beautiful landscapes!

The human body and physicality

The human body is a true enigma of artistic depiction. May it be the abstraction or the lifelike representation, artists as well as collectors are captivated by artworks interpreting the human figure. Since the Renaissance artists explore the human body in drawing and paintings – thinking for example of Leonardo da Vinci’s famous drawing of the Vetruvian Man. Enjoy the creative and inspiring power of the human body!

Adventures from home

One of the many joys of art is that it can take you on an adventure. It can transport you to Paris one moment, and to the beach the next. An artists creativity can allow you to take a break from everyday life and see the world through someone else’s eyes.

Growing a collection

Building an art collection is an exciting personal endeavor. SINGULART was founded to empower artists and connect them with art lovers around the world. We exist so that artists can share their creativity and spark joy in collectors, no matter where they are.

Discover the whole collection and share the Creative Joy with your favorite artwork on social media.