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Stylizing a sideboard with sculptures

Sideboards and chests of drawers are as decorative as they are utilitarian and we find them in most interiors whatever their style: modern, industrial, minimalist, or traditional. The sideboard takes the role of welcoming visitors in entrances, of housing a table service in dining rooms or of leaning against the sofa or of holding your vinyl collection in living rooms. First of all, a sideboard is the perfect piece of furniture to give some prestige to your interior by dressing it with sculptures and paintings

To style a sideboard, you just need to remember a few basic tips that you can apply to all styles, whether it’s Scandinavian design from the 1950s, Paulin, Knoll, or Perriand!

Charlotte Perriand, Cassina Riflesso sideboard, mahogany, 1939

1 – Consider the location of your sideboard

If you plan to place your sideboard in a dining room to hold plates, choose decorations that are easily removable: from small standing sculptures that are made of light materials such as resin. As you will be touching the sculpture regularly, avoid brittle materials such as ceramics and instead use light metals. If the sideboard is in your living room and you already have a beautiful painting hanging above the cabinet, then try not to obscure the view of the central piece. We advise you to choose fine, airy, and small sculptures. A long sculpture will bring dynamism and contrast to your horizontal sideboard.

2 – Decide on the arrangement of your sideboard

It is essential to define the general style you wish to give to your sideboard. We reccomend to play with solid and hollow shapes to give energy to your sideboard. Beautifully stacked art books, for example, go very well with an aerial and round sculpture. If you want to highlight a centerpiece such as a painting, hollow carvings are perfect for offering a play of perspective and do not encroach on the space of the work.

3 – Define your decorative style

The elements you select to dress and style your sideboard must be consistent with the style of your interior design. A minimalist style? Opt for a monolithic sculpture with a stack of art or design books. A pop art or colorful style? Choose a juxtaposition of two or three vivid and dynamic pop sculptures that you can highlight with a gallery wall and a green plant. A rustic style? A bronze animal sculpture with a bouquet of dried flowers will add a touch of class to your sideboard.

4 – Play with colors and shapes

A sideboard gives you the perfect space to express your style and taste. You can juxtapose various works: from a painting on canvas, placed in the center of the wall, to a gallery wall presenting a variety of small works in various formats. Your sideboard is the perfect place to express your passions, if you are an avid sailor, use your sideboard as a showcase for your passion with a piece featuring a beautiful sailboat on the wall, accompanied by a water sculpture and a mineral sculpture placed on the sideboard

The sideboard is adecorative piece of furniture that allows you to showcase your style, your personality, and your tastes. Have fun creating a space that reflects you and that highlights the creations and works of art that touch you.

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