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SINGULART Insider: June 4th, 2021

Welcome to SINGULART’s weekly news update, this week we are celebrating SINGULART’s four years of empowering artists. In celebration, we have created a collection called “Creative Joy” and have spoken to our founders and several collectors about their experience with the platform. 

New Impressionism Auction

As if that was not exciting enough, this week SINGULART launched our New Impressionism Auction. SINGULART’s curators selected 30 different artists that were inspired by the classical masters of impressionism, but are clearly belonging to the contemporary sphere. 

First Louvre Visitors

In other news, museums are opening up again and art lovers are radiating joy all around the world. Specifically, the museums in Paris and all of France have recently opened and some of the first Louvre visitors were asked why they were so eager to walk the beautiful halls decorated in artworks. From sharing the experience with your young children to visiting the temporary exhibits to appreciating the history behind each piece there were many reasons why visiting the Louvre was a priority on many Parisians to do list. Parisian residents finally were able to visit the Louvre without the long lines, tourists, or huge crowds, an experience that hasn’t been possible before.

If you are still unable to visit museums, create your own gallery wall with art from SINGULART!

Canyon Appears Below the Eiffel Tower Overnight

The next top story we are interested in is the recent project of Parisian street artist, JR. Overnight JR created a vast canyon underneath the Eiffel Tower that will stay there for a month. Obviously, there is not a real canyon, but rather a photo collage to give the impression that there is someone leaping across the canyon beneath the Eiffel Tower. If you are in Paris make sure to go check it out before it is too late!

Unfortunately, we all can’t see the Eiffel Tower this month, but check out some amazing pieces inspired by the streets of Paris.

The Great ‘Invisible Sculpture’

Finally, art insiders had their eyes on, well, nothing when an immaterial sculpture by Italian artist Salvatore Garau sold for 15,000 EUR at the Auction House Art Rite. This isn’t the first time the artist has made waves with his conceptual art, as we’ve seen a similar concept on his personal Instagram and beyond. The lucky collector will acquire a certificate of authenticity and place the work in a private residence.

That’s it for this week, check back in again next Friday!