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There is more to a photograph than an image

Nowadays, we live in a society where we see images everywhere and everyday, from social networks to advertisement billboards on the streets. So what makes a photograph an authentic artwork? 

In comparison to any other photographer who spontaneously decides to take a photo of their surroundings, a fine art photographer has a concept in mind and captures something specific, related to an artistic vision. In other words, art photography is to see beyond reality and designed to stimulate imagination.

When it comes to the final artwork then, there is usually a limited print number (the fewer, the rarer), a signature and a certificate of authenticity. This is what makes it significantly different to a chain store print, not to mention the quality and preciousness of the print paper, which ensures its value over time. 

In addition, in some cases, the photograph undergoes an artistic process before it becomes the final product, as in the case of Steve Sabella: read the article to know more!

Photography is a Rising Star in the Art Market

In the past couple of years, and especially within the last few months, it’s increasingly clear that photography is becoming a more approachable and engaging asset. Compared to other art mediums, such as sculpture and painting, photography is often relatively affordable. Therefore, it is a good place to start for aspiring collectors! Nevertheless, it has reached extraordinary prices at auction. The most expensive photograph ever sold at auction was Peter Lik’s Phantom, sold at Christie’s for $ 6.5 million in 2011, and Cindy Sherman’s photographs also sell for millions of dollars.

Enhances your Interiors

Buying fine art photography is a good investment for your interiors too! 

Photographs enhance your space with luxury and personality, and are also able to create a sense of perspective and depth. Some images are able to provide an escape from daily life, especially landscapes scenes, or pools and the sea during the summer!

How to Invest in Photography

To sum up, before purchasing a photograph remember the five following steps!

  1. Check the number of editions! The fewer the editions, the more the photograph will belong to the exceptional world of rarity. 
  2. Check if it’s signed! It’s a proof of originality.
  3. Check the certificate of authenticity! It’s always highly recommended when purchasing an artwork.
  4. Check the type of paper it’s printed on! Some papers are more precious than others due to the quality and their value in time.
  5. Never forget that feeling a connection with an artwork is meaningful! 

If you have any questions, feel free to contact our art advisors! They will be happy to help you. In the meantime, enjoy our Photography auction, where our SINGULART curators have selected 30 photographs which have a maximum of 30 editions. Don’t miss them!