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How to bring a summer touch to your home

Summer is finally here and what better way to make the most of these beautiful days than to also brighten up your home? The days are getting longer and the spirits happier as the temperatures rise. The cicadas are singing and the holidays are approaching. Everyone secretly dreams of an endless summer.

To make this beautiful season last all year round, bring the sunshine into your home. Adding pops of color and freshness to your interiors is a great way to celebrate summer and design a sun-drenched space. Take advantage of this change of season to acquire luminous works of art that will make your home shine!

There’s no need to wait, discover here 5 ways to welcome the summer.

1. Adopt Summer Colors

Summer is all about bright and cheerful colors such as sunny yellow, and sea and swimming pool blues. Why not incorporate these bright colors in your home? A gallery wall is a great way to experiment with a wide range of colors and create a lively environment that will enhance your home. Choose a variety of materials, find some frames – depending on your taste – and opt for bright hues or vivid patterns.

The colors that best reflect summer are bright blue, yellow, pink and orange. By adding these touches of color, you will instantly brighten up your walls and bring that feeling of summer to your home.

2. Add a seaside artwork

To feel the sea breeze in your home, don’t hesitate to choose a piece that reminds you of the seaside: the warm sand under your feet, the taste of salt-water on your face.

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3. Bring the outside inside

Landscape paintings create a sense of travel and give your space a feeling of being on holiday. Recreate garden scenes inside your home by selecting works that make you feel as if you’re in the middle of the countryside. Summer is the perfect time to decorate your home with pictures of plants that add life to your interiors.

4. Reflect natural light

As the days get longer, invite the natural light into your home for added brightness. Bring in the sunshine and reorganize your space by reflecting this light onto your paler artworks. This will brighten up your furnishings and give them a sophisticated air.

Don’t forget about sculptures, whose play of light and shadow can bring volume and movement to your interior!

5. Embrace the scents of summer

The scents of summer are true Proust’s madeleines for each of us: the taste of fresh sorbets, the scent of lemon trees and orangeade, the scent of barbecues at sunset and the salty taste of water on the skin.

Find works that bring back those sweet memories, which will carry you through the year. Combine them with beautiful floral arrangements to create a multi-sensory space that reflects the sweetness of life.

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