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5 minutes with Lusie Schellenberg

Lusie Schellenberg is a Switzerland based artist, whose paintings have been exhibited nationally, as well as in Russia and Germany. Her works, a few of which will be included in SINGULART’s Summer Flash Sale feature distinctive landscapes, seascapes, and cityscapes, created using oils and acrylics on canvas. Schell finds beauty in the summer mood. Three of her paintings that are being exhibited in the sale are painted from the angle of flight, inspired by the view from an airplane ride over Switzerland. We sat down with Lusie to talk more about her inspiration, motivations and how her artworks capture the different moods of summertime and particularly the sea.

June (2021)

What are your artistic influences and which other artists are you most inspired by?

In every work of art there is a powerful energy, laid down by the hands of the painter. In my youth , the art of Renaissance painting by real titans, great and unsurpassed masters: Leonardo da Vinci, Michelangelo Buonarotti, Raphael, Michelangelo Merisi de Caravaggio had a huge impact on my creativity. Later – the era of Romanticism of the 19th century., K. P. Bryullov, Ivan Aivazovsky, D. Constable, Francisco de Goya, T. Gerico. Impressionism-Monet, A. Kuindzhi, I. Levitan, F.Savrasov. Realism-R.Boneo, I. Repin, E. Wyeth, I want to mention separately one artist – whom I am a fan of – Salvatore Dali.

Solaris (2020)

Where do you find your inspiration to paint?

Ideas for paintings, inspiration-this is a very simple question! I am a very creative person and the world itself is already an inspiration for me, as well as a whole book or thought, our eye notices everything and the brain processes it. Ideas are in the head, and the world helps to bring them to the canvas. Example-today there was a very gray sky, a thunderstorm and the mood is gray-white-and in my head the image of a girl already falls on this gray-so I have already made a sketch and imprimatur for the painting.

Madonna (2021)

Can you tell us a little bit about your process of creation?

As Ralph Acampora said, “If you are in harmony with the basics, you will always find a reliable route map.” I always focus on the basics, reflecting reality as it is, with elements of notes of my own taste, so that the viewer understands what I want to convey in my artwork. The idea, or the image, which I decide to transfer to the canvas, comes first either from my sketches, or I immediately transfer the image from my head to the prepared canvas. The canvas is always primed, then a color tone can be applied. Perspective is very important for me. After all, space is built by the shape of the object formed around it. A strictly connected spatial form on a sheet is already a kind of composition, this is already 70 percent of the work. Next imprimatura, then the drawing begins.

Since I draw in different styles, the process will be different from each time. Some pictures will take a long time to draw, since they require lasing and careful study. And impasto paintings, or those painted in nature, are a faster process. The whole creative process, first, starting with the idea, its embodiment on the canvas, the layout of colors and shadows, and finishing with varnishing is a great pleasure and a song for the soul.

Laguna Beach (2021)

What attracts you to painting seascapes?

I have always loved to look at paintings with the sea. Especially Aivazovsky. In the summer, we always went to the sea and I could sit for hours and lay out the shades and semitones of water on the canvas. This whole atmosphere is a very fascinating thing. But I am very cautious about the depth of the water! This caution prompted me to draw the sea in the storm version. It’s like my emotions are in tune with the waves. The sea is all kinds of colors and shades, it is moods and life, the soul of the planet. The theme of water is symbolic for me – and some of my paintings are connected with people in the water column. Water and the sea are a symbol of life.


Do you have a favorite location to paint?

My favorite place to draw is my workshop. It occupies the entire first floor of the house. A very cozy creative atmosphere for me.

Thank you Lusie Schellenberg for taking the time to talk to us!

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