5 Minutes with Diana Malivani

Diana Malivani is a prizewinning painter from Russia whose works have been featured in solo and group shows internationally. Born on the coast of the Black Sea, Malivani grew up surrounded and inspired by nature. She turnned to painting in order to convey the beauty she saw to others. Malivani is originally trained as a doctor but has always kept her love of art alive through her stunning landscape and abstract works. 

When did you know you wanted to be an artist?

My creative path as an artist began at birth: I was born on the shores of the Black Sea, awash in the profusion of colors of the Caucasus. I remember that, since childhood, I was attracted to what was beautiful, and paintings evoked my particular interest. I loved to look, hour after hour, at pictures by the great Russian masters, peering intently at the smallest details of their work and dreaming of one day repeating those visions.

Like any child who loves to draw, I always had brushes, paints, and pencils on hand. Gradually, the simple hobby of drawing turned into a kind of mania for painting: “no day without a brush.”

Can you tell us about a project you’re currently working on?

My Artist Portfolio on Singulart includes 400 works of art, almost half of which are already sold. These 400 artworks are organized by series, what I call “Collections” or “Art Projects.”

Currently, I pay particular attention to the Collection “Large Format Artworks – Landscapes & Gardens.” I have just added two new multi-paneled paintings: “Spring“ (Triptych, 150 by 360 cm) and “L’éveil“ (Diptych, 150 by 240 cm)..

Spring. Triptych, (2021), Diana Malivani

Do you prefer to work alone or to collaborate with others?

I do have a valuable preferred partner, I always work in tandem with: music.

My creative process is invariably accompanied by music, which has always occupied an important place in my life. When listening to classical and modern music, I feel as if I’ve transported to a special realm where different images and pictures appear. Sometimes just bright splashes of color responding to each other, which I then try to transfer to canvas.

My artworks reflect the images evoked in my soul as I listen to music. I believe that painting and music are interconnected by special deep inner ties having the same foundation as the diverse manifestations of life.

Sunflowers, (2019), Diana Malivani

What do you think you would be doing if you weren’t an artist?

I would say that I would have been a doctor… but I already had found myself been a doctor! By my training and profession, I’m a physician-scientist, i.e., a Doctor of Medicine, and holder of a double degree, M.D.-Ph.D.

Have you found any other artists on SINGULART whose work you admire?

Certainly, I have. In fact, it would be more precise to say that I have found several Big Masters Names of the past. I have even found their names in the titles of SINGULART Collections, such as, Claude Monet, whose work I really admire.

That is why collectors may see on Singulart my artworks “Iris Dans Les Jardins de Monet“, “L’étang à Giverny“, “En mémoire de Claude Monet“ and “Les Jardins de Giverny“ (the last two paintings are now held in private collections in France and in Taiwan).

Iris dans les jardins de Monet, (2021), Diana Malivani

What advice could you give to young artists starting out?

Always be yourself, never follow the market, and always go on your own path.

Do not to replace the art with pseudo-art in the form of, for example, scattered garbage bags, smashed crockery, rusty plumbing, etc., which can be found in some well-known art galleries and international exhibitions.

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