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Classic Parisian Style

Let’s start decorating your home in a classic Parisian style. At least once in your life, most of us have pictured ourselves living the Parisian dream. This could easily translate into enjoying an assortment de viennoiseries while people-watching from the balcony of your Haussmannian apartment overlooking the Seine. Since this is a remote possibility and, most likely, an unattainable goal for the vast majority of mortals, recreating an awe-inspiring Parisian interior could be a feasible alternative to fulfill your decor emptiness. Are you willing to spark your house interior with the je ne sais quoi French flavor?

Classic Parisian Style - Interior design

Echoing the architectural details

The first step to transforming your interior into a dreamy Parisian-style home is to add some texture to the flat walls. Adorning with intricate wall molding will give structure and shape to the room, making it alive. These decorations will be reminiscent of the classic Haussmannian apartment from ceilings to doors and make you live in an unending coup de foudre.

Once displayed the overall layout, it is time to echo the French atmosphere by introducing some art depicting Parisian culture. The sought-after charming French touch could be achieved by adding a collection of paintings showcasing the social atmosphere of Paris. From brasseries such as Dinner 1, Parisian terraces like in Vue sur l’Express 27, chateaux living rooms, Meanwhile in the palace VI, or industrial endroits such as train stations, symbols of the modern era, with our suggested painting Just missed

Reinventing the classics

One of the principles when designing your home in the classic Parisian style is to keep it simple. We don’t want an over-staging appearance. It is essential to weave a narrative that tells a story, connecting past and present.

The interior is all about the little corners, the charm of a faux fireplace filled with a pile of books, a chandelier hanging from the ceiling medallion. If your purpose is to highlight the classic style of your home, your interiors will require some modern touch. Most Parisian apartments kept their marble fireplace mantels for ambiance, even when fireplaces were banned in the Cité des Lumières.

Are you ready to incorporate some classic elements reinvented in a modern style? Why not add an expressionist royal and powerful French portrait by artist Katia Bellini King in Blue (after Maurice-Quentin de La Tour) or Louis by Jesús Fernández? Would you prefer this revisited version of a Classic relief signed by Francesc Marco ALLEGORY VIIf you are passionate about Impressionism like we are, please check Lilia Orlova-Holmes’s work, Early Hours, dominated by energetic brushstrokes dancing across the canvas. 

When we think about the French flavor, our mind takes us directly to the Baroque era. It was a time charged with vitality, grandeur, and richness. Gold was the cornerstone of this period, a representation of wealthiness and power. Our suggestion: start by adding some golden details to your living room and bedroom, such as these appealing sculptures: Golden life Sculpture, and Celebration, combined with this abstract golden painting BLATTGEFLÜSTER.

Disrupting the cream palette

The classic Parisian apartment gravitates around the cream palette. For this reason, adding some color that disrupts the colors of the room will make a statement in itself. Your art collection does not necessarily need to match your color scheme, and it should not follow a specific style.

A fresh bouquet will accentuate the room and add some freshness. But, who said flowers had to be real? By adding a still-life painting you can have the same effect in the space. And the perk is that they will not need to be watered. These selected paintings will be a good starting point: Favourite flowersWhite Peony with Raspberry Ripple and Peonies and Irises.

If flowers are not of your preference, these colorful artworks will contrast in the blanket of white, from this yellow lime three-dimensional work Tension 2012=C-3 to this vibrant and fun painting Quadrant No.2.

The perfect classic Parisian apartment is a mélange of periods and art movements; it presents family heirlooms and vintage pieces found in flea markets, combined with modern design and art decoration accents. Don’t hesitate to mix and match styles, and opt to curate your space without compromising the overall atmosphere. Homes take time to be decorated, and it becomes a never-ending process you engage with the moment you start living there.

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