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The Life of an Interior Artist: An Interview with Bailey Li

Bailey Li

Jump into the world of interior design as we learn about Bailey Li and her journey as an interior artist. Learn how to create a glamorous interior here and learn about a new and exciting interior trend here.

Would you please introduce yourself and briefly talk about your background as an interior designer, including how you got your start?

My name is Alicia Bailey most just call me Bailey. I am the owner of Bailey Li Interiors, I am a self realized interior artist. My skills were not developed at a university; they are an innate ability. I think it most apropos to say that I am simply a creative. From corporate america, to working as a realtor, to being a home stager I have had many stops on my road to finally pursuing my creative passions full time as an interior artist.

Would you tell us about your favorite memory working as an interior designer?

I had this amazing client who had a beautiful and bright personality that truly inspired me when designing her space. Additionally, she gave me full creative control and put all her faith and trust in me to be able to create her dream space. Knowing the lifestyle changes my client was enduring and the path her life was about to take, I wanted her space to fully reflect what she needed at this time and for the future. I took this woman’s trust and ran with it, trusting my instincts every step of the way. During the process, I was able to be fearless and as a result the art wall and space I created for her ended up on television; on a show called open house nyc on NBC.

Where do you get inspiration from?

The entire space that I design I see as a canvas, the client is my muse, and I see myself as the art advisor or curator. I also view myself as a friend of my client, which allows me to see who my client really is and bring that into their space. Having their space reflect the path they are on and who they are becoming is a big part of my design process. Art inspires us to really stand in our greatness. It is truly an experience that allows you to engage with the piece as well as the designed environment.

How long did it take you to develop a unique style? Was this an important step in your career?

I was always frustrated by having a vision of the perfect element to add to someone’s space, but being unable to find it. However, it made me realize just because something doesn’t exist doesn’t mean I can’t make it. Now, if I can’t find the perfect design element, I create it. From day one I have trusted my talent, so it was just about watching the designs come together and unfold. I also enjoy collaborating with other artists to design pieces of furniture or interesting statement pieces.

Courtesy of Bailey Li

What is your dream project?

Designing a creative sanctuary would be my absolute dream. Ideally, I want to partake in a project that serves the creative community by designing a mixed use residency and wellness sanctuary. I would love to collaborate on this with other artists, architects and designers to develop living & vacationing grounds that will inspire and support artists.

Do you have any tips for young creatives who are trying to get their start?

Follow your heart, don’t let anything get in the way of what you truly love and what you desire! Find out what you love, and then figure out the rest, but always have faith and believe.

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