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SINGULART Insider: July 23rd, 2020

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Security Guards or Curators?

Both! Security guards from the Baltimore Museum of Art will be guest curators in a new exhibition. They may specialize in security, but they probably spend more time looking at art than most others who work in art world. The exhibition is due to open in March of 2022 and is known as “Guarding the Art.” The museum is looking to feature a new viewpoint from within the museum staff. The security guards spend their days very differently than many other museum staff members as they are able to interact with the customers and see their reactions to the various pieces.

If you are unable to attend a museum this weekend, we have selected a handful of SINGULART artists whose artwork is represented in public museums and permanent exhibitions! You can find the collection here.

Bringing Well-Known Artworks to Life

On a stage in Laguna Beach, California some of your favorite artworks come to life each year. Performers are used to create replicas of artworks for what is known as the Pageant of the Masters. It is a huge event that draws in art lovers from all over. The spectacle includes the replication of 40 different artworks each performance lasting 90 seconds long. A short briefing on each artwork is given to the crowd. The amazing performance produces fascinating illusions that blows away all viewers.

The art world loves to honor the art masters. Either by bringing their creations to life or by producing artworks with their artistic influence, the talents of the masters will forever live on. Here at SINGULART we have created many collections featuring artworks inspired by well-known artists. Find our collection, Inspired by Matisse here.

Grace House Mural by Keith Haring

If you have recently been asking yourself when can I see Keith Haring’s 85 footlong piece that was auctioned off, you are in luck. The Grace House Mural was originally created for everyone who was living at the Grace House in Manhattan before it was purchased by a collector. Now to many’s dismay, the masterpiece was cut into various portions. However, it is being exhibited in the Museum of Contemporary Art Denver and is open to the public for the very first time. The exhibition will last until the 22nd of August so make sure to check it out before it is too late.

Don’t live in Denver Colorado, but still want to be inspired by the artistic style of Keith Haring? Find our Inspired by Keith Haring Collection here. Interested in a true Keith Haring artwork? Discover 5 reasons to Invest in Keith Haring.

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