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Interview with Monet Masters: Master Interior Designer

What is art without a place to showcase it and what is an interior without art? Interior design and art go hand in hand. If executed right the results are priceless. Dive into the journey of Monet Masters and her work as an interior designer. Find out how she has grown as a designer and how she constantly stays inspired and view her favorite artworks on SINGULART here.

What is your background as an interior designer?

My name is Monet Masters and I am the Principal Interior Designer at Forbes + Masters along with my partner Tavia Forbes. While working on a project I met my current partner Tavia. We stayed in contact after the project was finished and continued to develop our relationship. Eventually, we discussed starting a business together and thus Forbes + Masters was born.

During my Home-Economics class in high school, my professor used to put Trading Spaces on in the background. Most of my peers weren’t paying attention, but my eyes were completely glued to the screen as I realized the professions that existed in the design world. I went home and started researching careers in interior design. I was so passionate about the subject I started to pursue it through DIY projects at home and by always rearranging the furniture in my room. Once it came time to select where I wanted to attend college, my desire to study Interior Design guided my selection. I was fortunate enough to get accepted to SCAD and I haven’t left Atlanta since.

Would you tell us about your favorite memory working as an interior designer?

There are so many memories to chose from, however, some of my favorite moments are the reveals we give to our clients. Specifically, we had clients that are real estate flippers. However, they were finally ready to settle down in a home with their newborn baby. Within their home they wanted their living room to resemble an art gallery. After finishing the space we showed it to our clients and we experienced the rawest, genuine reaction from the wife. She dropped to her knees and slowly crawled around the room, experiencing all the elements of the space while asking “Is this mine? Is this mine?”

How does art impact your work?

Art defines our project. More and more clients have a collection of artworks or have a strong desire to build a collection of art. This results in us designing rooms around focal pieces that our clients love. Our clients feel that the artworks represent them or that the piece tells a story they relate to. Our work as interior designers is to elevate the piece of art. For some clients who are serious collectors, they want their house to be a canvas for the piece to exist in.

Do you see your work as an artform?

Absolutely, we pride ourselves on spending time at the beginning of each project by “doing our homework” to learn about our clients. The style, hobbies, and entertainment habits of our clients are all important factors in the way we approach the design of their space. Our process is quite like creating a story, everything contributes to the overall environment.

How long did it take you to develop a unique style?

As we continue to mature as people our styles continue to develop. However, one of the first pivotal points in the development of our style was when we were creating an office for a writer. We realized the importance of taking time to learn about this writer and his lifestyle. We needed to know how he would be interacting with the space to be able to provide him with the most efficient and stylish interiors. Giving clients a style they can’t develop on their own, but that they can very much relate to is our main goal.

What is your dream project?

Every project is a dream project! We have been fortunate enough to experience and have clients that provide us with dream projects. Clients keep us on our toes and allow us to conjure up the most creative and outside of the box ideas. To any designer, a project where you do not have to get approval from anyone, where you have full creative freedom is the perfect project.

Do you have any tips for young creatives?

Get your feet wet! I was just speaking with another designer recently because I asked if they could meet for tea. You are never at the top or the bottom of the totem pole. You can always offer help to someone while there is always someone that you can learn from. As a beginner, try to work under someone and gain some experience. Think about what you can offer that creative just to be in their space. Additionally, never stop learning about new products, materials, and designs.

What are your main sources of inspiration?

I subscribe to various magazines and blogs, especially from European countries because I believe they are ahead of us in terms of design. I always try to find art or designs as furthest from me as possible which helps me create new ideas and avoid repetition.

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