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Inside the Minds Behind Spanish Design Company Masquespacio

After the success of SINGULART’s first design sale, we wanted to learn more about the duo behind the playful and popular Spanish design company Masquespacio.

Recognized with several awards over the years, such as the ‘Young Talent Design Award’ by Elle Decoration International Magazine, the Architectural Digest ‘Massimo Dutti New Values Award’ and the ‘Wave of the Future Award’ by Hospitality Design USA amongst others, Masquespacio is a brand with global reach. Their quirky aesthetics can be seen in several countries, including Saudi Arabia, Italy, France, Qatar, Portugal, Norway, Colombia and Cambodia.

We talked to Ana and Chris about the vision they have for their company and the inspiration behind their designs.

Could you briefly describe Masquespacio?

Masquespacio is a design studio based in Spain, specialized in interior & product design. We like to go in search of out the box projects and are recognized for our use of colors, textures, materials & forms. Every project is different for us and in such matters our approach is to make every project different.

In 2020 we also launched our new brand Mas Creations, through which we present directly designs produced and commercialized by our studio, next to our work for other companies. 

Block Chair Collection (2020)
by Masquespacio

How did you both become designers?

Ana’s mother worked in flower design so she became connected to creativity from a young age. It was not until she arrived in Spain that she started to study interior design. I (Chris), from my side, studied Marketing. In the studio I focus on the communication, organization and management of our studio, as well as the business strategy.

How would you describe your style?

We are recognized for our use of colors which we mix with textures, materials and forms. For our interior design work we seek to understand the type of business and create an out of the box design just for that project. For us it’s all about creating a singular concept every time. When we work on product design it is much more our personal world where you can recognize even more than textures, materials and forms. 

Secrétaire (2020)
by Masquespacio

How would you advise our collectors to include your designs in their interiors?

We would like them to see our designs as objects that try to create an emotion. You know that eye-catching element in a space, that attracts someone visiting your house, making them want to know the story behind the piece? That’s what we are trying to create with our designs. It’s all about the surprising factor that captures our emotional and explosive style. 

What part of the design process do you most enjoy?

We enjoy all the processes, but we especially love to see how our designs are converted from a technical drawing into something real. It’s like the sensation of seeing your newborn for the first time, every time!

Alex and Andrea Chairs (2020)
by Masquespacio

What piece of furniture do you think best represents Masquespacio and why?

The Too Much rocking chair is without a doubt what represents us and especially Ana. It’s a colorful piece, full of contrasts and emotions, with a touch of balancing fun. It’s like that piece that is serious and funny at the same time. 

TOO MUCH (2019)
by Masquespacio

What design techniques do you use that interest you the most?

We try to mix technology and craftsmanship. In one sense, we develop all our products in 3D first through rendering, but afterwards we mostly make them with local artisans by hand. It’s a big mix of both worlds!

How do you think contemporary design and art intercept?

Before most designers were working for commercial brands creating functional products. The new generation of designers like ourselves have started to create their own furniture and accessories brands, many trying to find a balance between functionality and arty approach. In our opinion this is where design and art connect together. 

Ball Pot Terracotta (2021)
by Masquespacio

Thank you Chris for taking the time to answer our questions!