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Celebrating Asian Art Now

Imminently launching in Paris is the much anticipated 7th edition of Asia Now. From the 21-24th October, the public, collectors, and art critics, have the exciting opportunity to visit the home of the art fair, an intimate ‘hotel particulier’ found at 9 Avenue Hoche, as well as explore the 40+ participating galleries spread across Paris.

Founded in 2015 by Alexandra and Claude Fain with the aim of presenting new perspectives and shedding light on the issues faced by Asia and contemporary Asian artists today, Asia Now has quickly become an established, and growing, art fair. For their 6th edition (2020), Indian artists were added to the mix. The success of this addition is hoped to be repeated this year, with 2021’s edition newly highlighting the works of 20 emerging and acclaimed Iranian artists, in order to strengthen one of their core objectives, the promotion of dialogue and interaction between different cultures.

To celebrate Asian art and tempt your interest before Asia Now opens its doors, from the 7th – 14th October SINGULART is pleased to announce its Asian Art Now Auction, curated to highlight the unique styles, techniques and concerns of our artists from Vietnam, China, Nepal, Thailand, and Indonesia, to name only a few countries.

Find below a spotlight on three of our SINGULART artists included in the auction!

Ta Byrne

Lovers dancing cheek to cheek (2021)
by Ta Byrne

Ta Byrne is a Thai painter who boasts a versatile body of work that balances soft colors and shapes with bolder hues and hard and striking lines. Her oeuvres often combine the familiar and the unexpected, such as her sensuous figures which are presented with no reference to age, origin or ethnicity.

Available in our auction is her painting, ‘Lovers dancing cheek to cheek, (2020), taken from her Lovers series. Each of these oil paintings is based on a past scenario from Ta’s own life or an oft-imagined scene, this artwork in particular based on the memory of the close embrace of a love one.

Nguyen Khac Tai

Landscape (2021)
by Nguyen Khac Tai

Nguyen Khac Tai is an artist based in Vietnam whose art conveys a deep love and appreciation for his homeland and peaceful upbringing. 

Much like SHUN, one of Asia Now’s special projects curated by Nicolas Bourriaud, Tai’s art explores the deep interconnectedness between the environment and Asian culture. His oil and acrylic painting Landscape, available in our auction, is indicative of his distinctive romantic and realistic style and warm toned color palette.

Teng-Shiang Chuang

煉金術—海湧 (Alchemy Series – Waves) (2018)
by Teng-Shiang Chuang

Having originally started his career by blending the techniques of western art and oriental calligraphy, Teng-Shiang Chuang, a young Taiwanese artist, turned to sculpture during his university studies, and hasn’t looked back since. 

Chosen for our action is his striking yet sleek creation, Waves, from his Alchemy series. In this series, Chuang exploits the materiality of his chosen medium, stainless steel. In his artworks, the utilitarian yet indispensable material metal, becomes transformed. Just like an alchemist, Chaung reinfuses his metal stones with a sense of spirit and imagination, turning them into objects as precious as gold.