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Three SINGULART Artists to Watch : Discovery Frankfurt

Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt is synonymous with its art: young, dynamic, and full of promise. Only founded in 2018, the fair just celebrated its fourth edition from the 5th-7th November, where SINGULART proudly presented a small selection of our emerging artists.

Giving a platform to a broad spectrum of emerging contemporary artists, this year, Discovery Art Fair Frankfurt offers up the fresh and imaginative creations of over 100 painters, installation artists, sculptures, print-makers, mixed-media artists and videographers. With many of the artists on site to discuss their works further, the fair offered a uniquely perfect opportunity for both established collectors and first-time buyers to acquire contemporary art at an affordable price.

To let you get to know the SINGULART booth’s top performing artists in Frankfurt, and their paintings a little better, we’ve taken a deep-dive into the very different styles of Mam, Maciej Cieśla and Tom Glendenning.


by Mam

French artist Mam’s eternally colorful and convivial paintings epitomize the youthful and vibrant energy of Discovery Frankfurt. Through her contrast of vivid colors, and mix of techniques, including scratching, collage, and free-flowing of acrylic paint, Mam deftly fills her created universe with an exuberant sense of fun.

Central in all her paintings are her ‘potes’, (friends). These little cartoon figures symbolize love, solidarity and strength in connection. These qualities, Mam avows, are the ingredients for a happy life. 

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Maciej Cieśla

Zwei Frauen im Atelier des Malers (2020)
by Maciej Cieśla

Inspired by the work of Matisse, emerging Polish artist Maciej Cieśla combines neo-fauvism, abstract geometric forms, and symbolism. His resultingly striking style is therefore marked by strong colors, confident strokes and intriguing subjects.

In this expressive and colorful oil painting, Cieśla depicts two girls posing in the artist’s studio. Central to Cieśla’s oeuvres is the relationship between men and women, and the complexities, ironies and beauty found therein. Here, Cieśla directs this exploration into a poignant reflection on the inseparability of the female form and art.

Maciej Cieśla
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Tom Glendenning

Sea Wall (2020)
by Tom Glendenning

Lastly, making avail of abstraction’s evocative power is British artist Tom Glendenning. Preferring his artworks to speak for themselves, it is only through each artwork’s title that he sets the scene. However, his bold and expressive strokes easily create a strong sense of location and ambiance within each of his paintings.

Entitled ‘Sea Wall’ this piece uses a color palette evocative of cloudy autumn days at the coast where concrete sea walls are met by waves, wind and rain, indicative of his signature style, which is largely inspired by contrasts in nature and between nature and man.

Tom Glendenning
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