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How to Create a Miami Penthouse Style with Britto Charette

With its infusion of Central-American influence, Art Deco detailing and Contemporary new builds, in one word, the interior design scene in Miami is eclectic.  
Bringing a touch of calm into this cacophony is interior design company Britto Charette. Founded by Jay Britto and David Charette, the two favor paired-back yet luxurious designs. Having worked with the likes of the Ritz Carlton and Aston Martin Residences, unanimous across their projects are their neutral color palettes, which create the perfect backdrop to enhance their modern furnishings and bold artworks
We talked to founders David and Jay to find out how to create your own Miami Penthouse at home!

Could you introduce Britto Charette and the company’s design aesthetic?

Founders Jay Britto and David Charette
@BrittoCharette, August 28 2020

Jay and I started Britto Charette in 2010 and moved our studio to Wynwood, an incredible Miami neighborhood that is filled with art and is home to an abundance of creatives. Having our own firm means we get to fully express our creativity. We focused on building a firm that would cater to clients seeking ultra-luxury interior designs. Our aesthetic is sophisticated luxury. We offer our clients an interior design that focuses on clean lines and custom furniture and finishes. And we pride ourselves on delivering designs that are modern, not trendy.

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How would you describe the Miami interior design style?

Elysee Miami Residential Design
@Britto Charette, October 10 2019

Miami has a different take on design compared to the rest of south Florida. Twenty years ago, a lot of people were either into vintage/mid-century design and art deco in their condos. Single-family Mediterranean homes were decorating in a French provincial or British colonial style. That has changed. Those Mediterranean homes are now being demolished and replaced with modern architecture and modern interiors. The interiors most sought after are “clean” with the incorporation of mid to light tones of woods and light textiles.

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What effect has art had on the Miami interior design scene?

Kitchen, Regalia Project
@BrittoCharette, September 4, 2019

Latin American artists have had a big influence here in Miami. Miami is home to many people from Central and South America so the artwork definitely is appreciated here. We also see the influence of US East Coast artists. We’re also happy to see that graffiti artists have gone mainstream—our Wynwood neighborhood is a testament to that. Street artists play a big role in Miami’s art scene and interior design.

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What style of art comes to your mind when you envisage decorating a Miami penthouse?

Ritz Carlton Miami (Designed by Britto Charette) @BrittoCharette, May 23 2020

Photography and abstract paintings and mixed media immediately come to mind as must-haves for a Miami penthouse interior.

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What textures, materials and tones do you look for when designing a Miami penthouse? 

Ritz Carlton Miami (Designed by Britto Charette)
@BrittoCharette March 2 2021

Right now there’s a big demand for bouclé. We do a lot of sheer window treatments. And off-whites and light grays (think mushroom/taupe) are very popular tones.

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What was the latest artwork or sculpture that inspired you?

Aston Martin Residences Miami (designed by Britto Charette)
@BrittoCharette December 10 2020

I’m a big fan of Lucio Fontana and get a lot of inspiration from his work. And I love Carlos Cruz Diez, for wall art. For sculpture Tony Cragg and James Oughtibridge are two of my favorites.

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What final tips would you give to those looking to integrate art and sculpture into their own Miami inspired interiors?

Ritz Carlton Residences Sunny Isles private residence (designed by Britto Charette)
@BrittoCharette, January 13 2021

You don’t need many. Consider using just one of each—curate important pieces instead of using many throughout. It will keep the design cleaner and make the pieces more special. Find a focal point in the space to display them.

Thank you to David and Jay for taking the time to answer our questions!

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