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How to Create a Unique Interior

Creating a unique interior within an industry inundated with ever changing trends can seem like a daunting task. A unique interior is one that doesn’t follow one style too closely but is a true reflection of your personality and your unique combination of tastes. On a simple level, your home should suit your lifestyle and meet your needs, but it also has a higher purpose. It should be a space that inspires joy, bestows comfort and, most importantly (we think), stimulates your creativity.

Discover our tips on how to make your interior unique from ceiling to floor!

Acquire Art

The artwork which inspires you is one of the most personal assets at your disposal when making your home your own. Each person’s taste in art is unique and ever changing, so don’t be afraid to mix different styles, such as street art with cubism, or abstract with pop!

At SINGULART you can browse our one-of-a-kind artworks by movement to find a piece that makes your home as full of character as you are.

Adopt Design

Creating a unique interior extends beyond the confines of wall art. How you decide to furnish your home is of equal importance. With designer pieces, you can make the most functional of household items, chairs, sofas, and tables, become works of art in their own right. When choosing a piece of designer furniture, it is better to prioritize quality materials over trendy styling, which will allow you to love your piece for many years to come.

Whether you prefer clean lines, retro details or an industrial edge, browse SINGULART’s latest Design Sale “The Art of Interiors” and find the design of your dreams.

Mix ‘n Match

No matter your interior design preferences, nearly all homes are designed to be comfortable, inviting places. It is important not to overwhelm your space with too many large design pieces, which might upset the intimate setting. Instead, balance larger pieces whilst remaining creative by mixing up different textures and tones. This can be achieved within your furniture, such as with the Diane Armchair in cozy boucle, or through soft furnishings, such as pillows and rugs.

Discover KUBO’s range sustainable and ethically made throw-pillows on SINGULART now!

Light it Up

Don’t overlook lighting! Often forgotten, lighting is a prime feature that can be used to make your interior unique. Golden and warm, or cool and bright, how you choose to light a room has great impact on its character. Statement ceiling lights can elevate a room, drawing the eyes up and creating the illusion of space. Table-lamps, however, imbue a space with greater intimacy and relaxation.

At SINGULART we have partnered with designers Morici, Neal Aronowitz, Johannes Hemann and Isato Prugger to bring you our favorite contemporary lighting designs.

Add Ornaments

Lastly, it is in the little touches that a house truly become a home. Sculpture, vases, and other ornaments can add a sense of finesse to your space whilst also being used to reflect your taste.

Why not combine decorative items such as Montanaro’s Vaso Alfa with design pieces like the Whorl Console, or Cane 01 sideboard to really make a statement?

Just remember, however you decide to style your interior, the most important thing is to fill it with pieces you love. The most unique homes are the ones that are filled with things that are chosen and treated with care, and have the space to grow and develop as you do yourself!