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Raise Your Voice with Doctors of the World

SINGULART is proud to be once again partnering with Doctors of the World for our upcoming Charity Auction: Raise Your Voice.

Both SINGULART and Doctors of the World have the shared belief that art can be harnessed for the good of society. Since 2019 we have been collaborating on caritative initiatives which both financially support the important work of Doctor’s of the World and which reinforce our mission of empowering artists by being an online gallery that enables artists to stand up for their beliefs.

Inspired by Doctor’s of the World’s recent exhibition, ‘Unsung Heroes’ with French Photographer Denis Rouvre, in our latest Charity Auction we explore the power of art to give oneself a voice or to give a voice to others. We therefore curated 40 artworks from around the globe, all of which all contain a strong message, as no matter where an artist is from, we believe that they should have the opportunity to be heard.

To find out more about our art can serve those that Doctors of the World help on a daily basis, we talked to their director of communication and development, Jean-Baptiste Matray.

How do you think art can be used to give those in need a voice?

Art is a singular expression which allows us to delve into emotion.

At Doctor’s of the World, art pierces the truth, exposing the experiences of the people being presented. Through portraits and testimonies, such as in Denis Rouvre’s exhibition, Unsung Heroes, the women who have been victims of violence and are the beneficiaries of our programs are given a face and voice that we would not otherwise see or hear. Art offers us a universal language that allows us to spread our messages to as many people as possible and to make the invisible visible.

Violence (2020)
by Doff

To what extent do art and artists add value to your mission?

Doctor’s of the World defines itself as a movement of activists who care, bear witness and accompany social change. Testimony is therefore an essential part of our mission. It allows us to put forward real-life situations which provoke reflection. Art is a fabulous vector to touch hearts and consciences. It serves our mission by illustrating our struggles and by giving visibility to our beneficiaries and their lives.

Elysée © Denis Rouvre
Medecins du Monde

What was the purpose of Doctors of the World’s collaboration with photographer Denis Rouvre? Do you have any future photographic projects planned?

Through its collaboration with Denis Rouvre and the Unsung Heroes exhibition, Doctors of the World wanted to give a voice to all victims of gender-based violence and show resilience through portraits filled with humanity and dignity. The victims become heroines and survivors who are given a voice. They are no longer made invisible by society.

Although we do not have a new photographic project, we have just carried out an operation called “Operation Colombes” in collaboration with 12 street artists in 12 cities in France where our association is present. Doves invaded the walls of these cities to remind us that we are not only present internationally but also in France and have been for 35 years.

Dorine & Diana. © Olivier Papegnies
Medecins du Monde

Lastly, why does Doctors of the World use visual communication to talk about difficult issues or causes?

Communication is essential to develop the global awareness of our association and in our fight to engage the public in the struggles of our beneficiaries. Storytelling based on concrete examples is important because it strikes an emotional cord, it arouses empathy and it invites reflection and even commitment to Doctors of the World’s mission.

Visual art, and more particularly photography, allows for an immediate, or even shocking,  illustration of the unvoiced daily struggles of the many people that we meet and help. It helps to lift the anonymity, allows our eyes to be opened, and permits us to change the way that we look, bringing us closer to the people in the portraits.

The Future is female (2017)
by Sabrina Rocca

Thank you to Jean-Baptiste for taking the time to answer our questions.

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