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How to add a Warming Touch of Hygge

Hygge (pronounced hoo-ga), the Danish concept of making one’s space comfortable and cozy, is one of interior design’s best kept secrets. But hygge is more than just a style – it’s a mindset. Truly representative of the Scandinavian aesthetic, the hygge style favors light, bright, minimal but most importantly, highly livable and joyful interiors. The result? A space equally able to entertain friends for the holidays or provide some breathing room to curl up with a good book!

Follow our 5 tips to add your own touch of hygge!

Create Calm

To give your space a hygge feel, first turn to Scandinavian design to create a sense of calm. A neutral, high-contrast color-palette (think bright whites and matte blacks, but also softer shades of browns and greys) will create a relaxing environment. Especially when it’s combined with clean lines and a minimalist approach to interior decoration and furnishing.

SINGULART artist Julia A. Etedi is known for her muted colors and tasteful abstraction, making her paintings the perfect match with classic contemporary designers Christian Watson and Livoni.

Get Cozy

Another key aspect of hygge is creating a cuddly environment without the clutter. To perfect this delicate balance, fill your home with items that blend function and style. By choosing furniture in neutrals and whites but that use soft materials or interesting textures, like Victoria Maria Geyer‘s Clarence Sofa or Diane Armchair, you can create a comfy setting without sacrificing space.

Don’t forget that art can also enhance your cozy interior! Why not opt for snowy whites and subtle metallic shades to reflect the festive season?

Layer up

Building a specific cushy nook in your home is also hugely hygge. These sensual snugs even have their own name, ‘hyggerkrogs’. Pile up on pillows and area-rugs, or for the most experienced den-builders, become totally embraced by Seok-hyeon Yoon‘s chunky knit blanket-come-cushion Relaxing Configuration, Type A.

Look to Lights

In the dark winter months, a warmly lit house becomes a home full of hygge. Rather than overly bright over-head lights, opting for table-lamps, sconce lighting or candles (another hygge essential) will create an atmosphere you’ll love cozying up in both night and day.

Johannes Hemann’s Storm Table Light and Isato Prugger’s Isola Sconce remind us of Nordic forests and fluffy winter clouds, making them the perfect hygge addition to your home!

Set the Mood

Though widely popular, the concept of hygge can’t be separated from its Scandinavian roots. Why not set the mood for the hygge season by displaying artworks with a Nordic vibe? Bring these countries’ quiet natural beauty, quaint fishing towns or the breath-taking aurora-borealis into your interior with these inspiring artworks by our SINGULART artists!